The Breakup Innovator Update

Thursday, March 8th

The guy we talked about the other day who called his girlfriend's bestfriend to warn her he was going to break up with his girlfriend came on to the show. 


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Reveal something I have never heard of happening before and I smashed it comes to breakups. A friend of mine if you haven't heard it before it's probably a good day it differently there shouldn't be done there's a reason. You've got. This happened before he got to Texas and to stealth I talked a lot of people about this yesterday is the date no one has ever heard of that before. Offered a bond got broken up went but the for. The guy broke up with her. You made a phone call. To her best friends who giver goods such issues. I've got the worse how thought that was genius a lot a lot of people that. Do me a lot of people said it was actually kind of caring well. And think about it from the perspective of the best Bradley you've been there before mega got a phone call the frantic phone call her friend just got broken up with you get a drop everything and got a brunt of their age. He gave her like a tour heads up to get ready to. So. Horrible. Horrible and do you. And of course you know we had questions. Tell Megan I mean I managed to track disguised number down harsh again. I was fascinated by its high note here probably got excited now I am curious as to say like how does a person like this can exist. But that doesn't you have to like it let's bring about this show I don't know there's a breach of Franco considering you Brooke my friend's heart. Chris named her as good morning spare her. Lower idea I was so shocked when I heard that you did I have literally in my entire life. Never heard of anyone ever doing anything like this before. Yeah I mean. You are you know it either way electric I think if voted the right way to go and those are the better way to do it then. There's this like how you look at this the question I think our. We've all that tied to know. Is this how you always break up with people do you always give a warning. To their friend before you pull the trigger. Garrett retirement it's a you know. Ever are alive diluted. Yeah. Bury your garden but it is great if it occurred but heard Carter waited you're Arab Heidi you know. I've got mixed reaction shortly you know. So the Laker is cute and clearly. I'm just jerk. I figured if that's you're getting some tax yesterday on how is. Talking about now it is its innovative I mean we can't have an ending we can't knock him out. Steven Hocking he hit it we can't not do spin doctor for not being unique. You're definitely unit have you had. That reaction before and actually ever work I have to assume zealot you keep doing it. Oh yeah I mean Larry you know the arbitrator to return to late at their bra under. I mean to be fairly. I've gone on late. A couple of their current. IKEA I now. Did they it's like you got the door and I elections in which. Kepler is a whole different this guy can you sit back to I've got Scotland requested. And as a lot of laughter oh really quick what was going through your mind. I'd win it you did this when you see we sent that voice mail when you made that phone call before you pulled the trigger on the break up. Greg Waugh I mean. You know the wake. Prayer I concede is coming a little better so I relate. Just undermine her microphone. Well. Yeah in. Will hurt you know right. Up. More you know late circle so I'm doing everything in motion bullet Coast Guard is coming up the electric. Well a hard time every single. I can't personal. Hey you right now Megan really wish you actually left the room with them. I shouldn't be you blood. Can. You didn't do well.