The New Plan for Downtown Rochester

Wednesday, March 7th

Once again the plan for what's going to go into Parcel 5 in downtown Rochester has changed! 


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Some exciting news from the city of Rochester meg and Carter. Talk about this gas panic yeah upper parts of Bible I mean we had thought it was gonna be the performing arts center and it's kind of have been waiting on ending. Used to that your Rochester. We'll really get exciting new things that could possibly becoming and then it's just the waiting game is standing there with a big says there's open area and that's exactly which sharpening them yesterday. But the middle of the war and announced. The announcement of the Dallas on a center for the performing arts in tower. So they actually altering the vision of this crime implement a design for this complex includes a green roof with outdoor performance based and IMAX movie Peter. Another sidewalk in street entertainment surrounding the facility. So it's like the movie theater concept is aimed at bringing in people to the venue on non performance days as far as like a performing arts center and having known Biggio. And things like that come through it looks pretty sweet based on them the rendering and drying now it looks and didn't they appalled it looks also. I feel bad I feel bad a little bit now affirmed a little which is like right there on the corner. It seems like this is gonna be a very different experience from a little so anti tax that sounds so. Again it's this sounds awesome but. Here we go again. Is gonna happen that's the question. I mean once again Rochester is is a city known for its straight ID that's a dud not a. The greatest followed throughout my lose our RTL was gonna be part of the funding for the. Theater programs of the salsa I was bringing in the morgue and communities yes and well teaming up so they actually need 130 million dollars. To pull this project opt in an inner boy got on now be up and yet the point five million he's throwing and that's of course gets his name on the building. Remembering January out Regis like. Guys aren't tick tock I've not and dangle in the shackle me for so a lot more yeah. Still it's gonna blame them for that and I know the Morgan communities is going to put in fifty million so they still have a little bit of ways to them about ninety million of that 130. So obviously pick up the difference I mean that's still forty million dollars fine. To make that happen Tony back Geller I'd X movie ticket in the I may damage constantly anyway now you would hope you would help but there are small popcorn like fifty dollars and that this does also Megan but with any thing in Rochester any kind of change of course is people on the other side. Who are saying that it's going to be a huge waste of money and some of the biggest proponents of this are citing. Notes it's very near and dear to our heart but. Your high faults in downtown Rochester and the amount of money that was poured in trying to make this an entertainment area and obviously that didn't pan out. Now camped noted and living here yeah. Thought yeah that's it no I sleep and he added that putting geely and across the street and there are some bars behind us there's. It bowling alleys everywhere and ends clubs and they made it's that big they. I being here right so it's going to be a destination which included parking which put all of that with all of the apartment buildings. It's Archie lady and Heidi and that what happened up around downtown completely different story Elizabeth. Revive downtown are people that actually wanna live down there re not just hard to gave there's so many places popping up left to right itself. It seems like it has a better chance I was watching the news yesterday they had an urban developer on. Who said that we should be careful of the fact that it's kind of one company. I mean it's every TL and Morgan. And it's fail because it was only one and fair idea was to spread it out over multiple companies actually have multiple buildings in the space. So who knows what this is gonna turn into by the time that we actually get to some kind of ground. Will we still need Aaron Elson and do math because forty million dollars to wrap our gas so we still need forty million dollars so let's figure that out. Real command. And that the coup and the coolest wanted to give some I like five bucks a night. I mean we all pooled our money now will only have a 39000997. Ninths 1000 dollars ago bash at the smallpox or.