Is Running Up the Score Ever Okay?

Wednesday, March 7th

Poor sportsmanship or just part of the game?


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Absolute savagery. Seemed PX line up under Carter Korea not atx like or James begging Carter that is what happened when I decks did you. This story last night and I found all you texted back. Savage and all caps. Terrible this is such a bad example of good sportsmanship. And still believe that this is what happened okay. And there are win some playoff games. Last week bomb outside Boston Massachusetts this is where this takes place on the East Bridgewater lady ninety. Played the Madison park vocational high school cardinals it was their division three sectional playoff game. And and you know it's the closest match it was a bit receivers a twelve seat a little lopsided draw up that happens in playoff games that's exactly it. Let's just. So should say that the game and did. The final score of 93. To send. It is six poll exiles at all. These superintendents is a East Bridgewater that's the teen and you don't just. Get this other team issued an official apology. After their team beat up by 86. They called gained an unfortunate situation. Saying it's not a reflection of their student body or their athletic program. And that girls basketball coach at that school has also declines to comment seemed. Proof right there that this is terrible like I'd get winning handily. Especially when it comes to high school sports or lower level sports. How do you want my agent but how 86 place Gortat girls' basketball game. First of all renewed and stupid. Obviously could collect eleven funerals and check it very easy to get this correct up especially if the teams are seeded that far apart. As it's the one. Late basket I can let brown I played basketball until wet. Well Alter high school Egypt did you play player like. Got in games like that. Yeah. I'm a. Harry. And aren't you got it we are really get it and I we. If there ever was a potential for like this when it started to look. Like it came where it was going to be a blowout when just the other teen couldn't keep up that tired. That's when I mean. It's not the rules it might Deon they Airbus I might need a coach. Would suck out. The other players to make the game a little more closer you bring in like your back Jesse you don't embarrass the other team I think that's a good example of good sportsmanship that's just me. I know there's people out there are gonna disagree with me wholeheartedly. Well it's shocking meg I put a bullet on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slow study PX like asking if this was an example of port sportsmanship. 70%. Of the people said no and he showed no mercy. 70% of those people sat the bench now yeah I'm James. I. That's the big. It isn't as high as that's all I'll bet you can't get high and so it sucks if you need some amusing and a team like that yeah. I'm on both sides I think. I think he played sports and in school you had. I mean I I remember I was actually shocking mega I was on the winning side of one of these ones like I'm out I had and I didn't play but. I'm in line it was it was the first draft played football and it was the championship game and we beat the crap out of that team so badly. In the first half and it was snowing it was cold it was crows they forfeit in. Good about this up that's terrible job man well the kid early yeah trust that's awesome looking back now. Again I was I imagine myself as the father of one of the kids that other team like I've got up there play football again liquor soaked to the I I doubt point 80. Wait it. It's Turco and I just think it's such a deep she moved to win by much the home and it's possible slump. You're the NBA shortly Jurgen played for that's like the girl's. Waste of time for these bar girls is to get their but collapsed. Right yeah. I was pointed out what are they are going to ever play pastoral outreach and public key TS due to get on the court next time you know bile run better than you -- up. That's actually not a joke that's relish that.