How to pregame on a budget

Monday, January 8th

Everyone knows that if you're going out you can save money by having a few drinks beforehand at home, a.k.a pregaming. But what's the best way to pregame like the money saving monster that you are? You can probably save even more money than you think with these tips! 


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Welcome to another episode about the champagne from severe changes where we figure out how to master. Would you like to the fullest while also saving money the same time. Because we're for a lot of money. My name is Krista Evans. My name is Whitney young and so today's episode basically if you're in her twenties or thirties. And single you've probably spent some time at least at bars in your life. Yeah if you're me mean people more than you should probably on media. Cars are expensive be really add up quick which is why pregame mean it was invented. Buyer funny fathers to Washington I believe invented the first three gamer. I think that in his is is a biography is yeah. Authorized by odd it is I read that summer in an article it it they pregame to the bright in the declaration of independence I believe it and a that's why they invented to regain okay because it saves a lot of money. If you don't know by the way just in case you've never heard of pregame mean the action this day official definition a pulled off of the interwebs. Agency action or practice of drinking alcohol before attending an event or social function. Nice just a case my mother's listening and she's not sure that if so party pregame like the boss that's a minister got today how can you have an awesome night out and still save some money why pregame. Here's the thing now if you pregame the wrong way could actually lead to spending more money in the long run. We sort of forgot how to do RA I'm excited let's get in that stuff on which to regain this podcast we should. I mean how do you know I didn't now lives are my words will be the next normally. Usual way of talking red. So first of all your pregame in what he pregame west. Right yeah I'm if you wanna get drunk this is at least from my personal experience can you really fair. Like tonight is that night I'm gonna get crazy. Liquor is the way to do. Yes because honestly liquor you can go to our random liquor store on the block and get a handle of liquor which is like. Oh liter or more yet a cheap liquor for like ten box. Easily it's not stuff yeah. It's not good stuff well actually I would argue that that's not true because sometimes she doesn't mean bat and if you true if you research the brands like for instance. The spruce the spruce dot com. Has a guide to popular vodka brands and Smirnoff. Is only ten dollars but it's actually not bad they say. Let's get so so but that is good on wiest get when I was in college the liquor store had its own brand. So late evict a Wal-Mart brand of vodka and that was written I think it was a leader and hatch you get for eight dollars. And the bottle was even he was it was made of plastic like it was even. Was even glass that no frills right no frills. And and then connect it really gets you saucy but the problem was is usually that led to a worst hangover well great and that's what we don't want we wanna save money without. Getting horrible Leon over to the point where you think you're dying and if you're not dying you wanna die right I want to avoid that at all costs. So you can you could do the whole county shots and or you could do is get a bottle of Smirnoff that's pretty cheap yet and 99 cent. Bombed like bottle of soda of any kind yeah and then just economic matrix all night. Exactly you don't wanna. Atlanta you know wanna stay away from shots I mean if you do shots maybe just limit yourself to one shot at the beginning of the night and then kind of its member hotels Whitney that's I mean I think we need to learn from our mistakes now and fifth and in going forward. I don't regret any shots Thursday. Obviously if your pre game mean and for a longer time and you don't wanna get super crazy light beer. Is the way to save some money. It. What I'd I don't like beer beer makes me feel like I've just had a meal. Okay you know I agree delicious now if you. If you lake beer then this is a great way to do they mean you can get a twelve pack of late beer for less than ten dollars but. Mean I personally it makes me feel bloated so I would probably stick to the sneer or not but Arabic in town. Is it weird as a guy it's for me to say that I also kind of feel bloated when I lake have beer it is weird for guys to say they feel bloated I don't know why it's weird. We installments we get we get boiling now edition it just makes he makes bad and you extending their being like. As this shirt make me littler better that's and it's just yet I've said this exact words. In the past I think so you're Halloween costume as a tree you said does the does this that he leaves make me look back I did address of his tree for Halloween and again and I did I I felt bloated. So whatever of the military yeah anyways. I'm so. Question is though if if you are freaking me with these cheap. Liquors and Beers are you really are you asking for bad hangover should you splurge. On on me beasts a craft pack of beer. To avoid feeling like crap the next morning. Well and if you go up ten dollars or keep going with a friend didn't go ten dollars ten dollars you could get a twenty dollar bottle of vodka. You know something like Finley and now you're you may be getting a little bit. Out of that hang over territory. I got to know your embody exactly. That's that's that's the bottom line spend your money don't don't skimp when it comes your own. Hangovers TR how well I have a pregame and O is is I effect regained too much I actually went of spending more money because. When I am drunk. I'm really generous and you're a parent I know are generous and then I should be. And you don't wanna do what I did years so few years ago I ended up buying a 300 dollar bottle of great use sat apart. This he acts don't don't be mean use this is the last effort not over pre gaming we were at a bar this disaster on. So we work at many PXY radio station and we we throw this concert called summer jam on and so we had when the sum the artists are come to a bar with us for the after party. On our five. Was the group -- I remembered that yes they're not huge but you know whenever there early Disney Channel. And I was supposed to I was hosting that club night you're trying to give Boller so I was hosting that club mania so I was trying to be like supergenerous and by the way I had been tricky for a few hours at this point already. On so I sat down we got a boost to them and like audio as watt and like all literally like vodka of the let's get up. Vodka. Bottle now. I'll so a lot of vodka and you're drinking a bottle whenever it's cool I feel like I feel like a million dollars coolest dude in Rochester. And then they ought to go because they had something the next morning. And then for the waitress comes over with. All with the village so will you be pain as like. Party to hide. Look around and in my own all of it they've got the band got. I would the dance I got it right center and a box on the ironic part is. I don't think everyone in that hands over 21 I didn't know that. Who dat that's really about. Yeah I mean in the end when your in a Boller may be need to check IDs to who break that's the problem. So this goes back to the problem which was in the first place. You're maybe. Saying you were sloppy but you're already a little bit you know you were feeling yourself I was. You were sloppy you were sloppy so the problem with pre gaming can be bed. You have a little too much fun at the pregame and then you get to the bar and your mr. generous and you're trying to be a Boller in your feeling yourself and loot at three get into trouble so well. So I won't say this I'll never do that ever again well see you learn a lesson about service that's of one and done things from him now I'm. I don't even drink grey goose is out of that the PT SD memory of these. A bit. Triggering free gathering Gregor it is that's so funny but so here's the question though so if you're one of those people who pre games. Hard you know because you wanna sable that money. Once you're at the bar do you still buy a drink. Or you just drink water OK so I think what I would DO. Is I would pregame I would get to my desired level of buzz. Is or intoxication and then. When I get to the bar I would get wondering. To be. You know social. But then I would nurse that drink for the rest of the night cases you get one drink what turned Cuba. And I would probably go with a well during. So you know likely saved when ho with a well drink throws a proper way it's straight from the well the it's crap that's president of we bought himself bottoms you you know famously. You got me a bottom shelf shot of tequila when we first met like three and a half years ago. And I never forgotten that act bottom shelf liquor mixture better stories GAAP book does get told that story a million times. I would go for that and I would go for a mixer that was. Very low sugar again to avoid hangovers and may be just like even a club soda and maybe some online name are now. You if you could if you could see witty right now when she said line she she made visible thing with her. Like Chiat spirit fingers say hello I am yeah I'm so as a big your drinker I ten ago for the darker beer Cingular appeared at a darker the beer. Because it'll keep you full longer. It's economy I think we're gonna stay out on the what's the price risk think. All the mental part goats on a lot of times if there's no special. LII always tend to look at the specials when there's no specials you'll you'll spend like. Four dollars five bucks a pint. Of it floodlight. And then six unlike a pint of late October fast and like what do I do what I'm gonna get the thicker line right and not only does it taste better but it'll last longer because. Partly it's like water you can just drink yeah you know yeah. Goes down military smooth you out and with the slot area. I. I got Bob hey because it's. Look at the first had you wanna go into a bar most guys though like little scope of the borrow it for women or whatever person I do that plan the chalkboard a special I yeah. I'm like art what is on sale today and usually it's it's late beer and while drinks. You do don't even see them because it's a distinct chalks always look for that. I don't do you ever looked for that ever now granted now let's I know I know there is a double standard here which I think we should get into a little that and that is that. I don't have to look at that chalk board because. I'm probably not going to be spending as much money as my male counterparts not traditional let me disclaimer here. This is traditionally. An others a lot of people out there were more progressive and their like I'm about my own drinks thank you miss independent by. Some women you know still enjoy accepting a drink from the guys out from that standpoint you might be spending twice as much as me. Is it yet that's true that is true is it Corning for guys to by girls drinks to people still. Is it still had to go to Philly back in the eighties that was like. The thing that was even around but I feel that was like the acting like you just by the girl trick whether they'll drink I don't do people still do that as much. People still do it but here's here's what I think this is the way you should do I don't think you go in with that placate lake your drink is on to your your glasses you know getting close to and deal let me buy you a drink I think you go when. You make a connection made you talk for ten minutes fifteen minutes and then if you're. Already having that connection then you offered by entering that is what. I do I do yeah. Yeah I know is that I meet someone that yet to go to continue the conversation exactly it's not like you see in movies where it's like. The bartender public. Man this the gentleman across the bar and yeah sort of you know and then and then Billick will go to pan over to the dude and he does it raises his martini like. Out on the people I think that's corny but yeah I'd I will say that I do when I go out on if I meet someone ands. We seem to be hitting off I will offer to buy a drink and that does get expensive. It does but does get its offensive but also going along with this pre gaming thing if you already pre games. You might not need it rank. Ha you might not need another so like let's say you finished your drink maybe you're just having like club soda or water or nothing at all time and and you're talking to the scarlet your like election night I heard during but you don't need it drinks and then you're not angering for yourself that's weird happening I'd be triggered house my Waterloo Iowa. And distinct escalating drug. You know oh my god or if you're not drinking anything in your standing there with nothing in your hands and you're watching her drink that's weird it's. Really really weird yeah yeah well you know. Partly which is sometimes that I was a girl because like I I feel like my blood because link does. The opportunity to get more free drinks. You guys cheap. What I would eccentrics from every one if any get all would you ever turned on a free drink. I don't think I ever want. I want to think of I've been in this situation I don't think. I've ever turn down a drink. I will say that I need to see that during come from the bartenders hand and they can't be any time laps were like the ring goes somewhere that I can't see it well that's a safety that lets. Do you strike that. But it is yeah no I mean it's somebody I mean even if I don't wanna talk to them if they've. They're operating Blake. You have to talk to them I mean once I think thank you and I talked for a minute. Unless they're really creepy in which case certainly think you are meant to insulate if you don't wanna talk to guide don't accept that your kind of buying your time. Seed but I think that's now. I think it if he wants to buy new drink and he makes that offer and he's neat he needs to accept that there's a very good chance that I don't wanna talk to him an. That that's true I mean. I don't have to you know Greg we obligated right. Thank you and polite about it please thank you for drink have a good nightly. You know I think. What I think is I think if she says. Guys random guy says I buy your drink. If you don't wanna talk to him you say I'm all set thank you put it buddy KeySpan is honestly some of these places especially for. On I feel like girl drinks because a lot of them have liquor and then girl drinks on all attracted a girl might be more likely to get like a cranberry vodka are something I not elect the year a back in now. Those Camille Little the more expensive because the liquor does add up about a penny out who knows you know what she's drinking right. Bombed so should be laying down except current box. Or more depending on where he is. And if you just say thank you become a route could could've said no thank you almost set and then right at you can turn your back them right and never see guy ever again. Here's the deal. If I have to like in the situations. Where I have done as it's usually because the guy is a little creepy he's. Being presumptuous maybe touching knee making you know making advances that are unwanted and so I'm kind of like are at that point immunity to drink and I'm gonna go on it saying it thinks that littering but I've. If it's a situation reason nice guy he means well I might stand and talk casually for a few minutes but that I kind of Blake I'm like are like don't wanna leave this person. Onset rubble that's that's asking you a deal buys the interview exactly arm and if he fails is in the first few minutes you have to keep talking to them that's fine mom. But if he's night and it can be candidate yeah. Why didn't interview why waste your time. Because you want to return. In that situation I probably just wanted to free ring get this was probably I'm thinking you know going back probably a couple of years. To a time when I was younger and I just wanna bet there. As wanna badgering because I was out you know I was apt. To get. Trunk now on the other. On the other side with the reason pregame into an awesome. Is when you pregame you save a lot of money and then you have more money to spend at the bar yet you want to because on the other end of the whole buying drinks are for girls. I don't necessarily wanna look cheap. Right 'cause I'm not a good ticket I would drink from the special shock. You know. And would you offer to buy a drink you give up any right to say what she can order so you can order whatever she wants let me ask you something out. UC this girl she's a ten or so down your satellite I would do anything to get a date this girl. And then she orders like. I shot it's grown and it's like. Twenty dollars. That's fine have been in the situations and it sucks your like. She better be the 10. But and most of the time she's not play but the man got so far the minute you offer you and you give up that rates have gone mad you know because right. Whenever I mean shops though stay with judge yeah I didn't specify can I get you a non shot average hot act now. Now you can't you can't you can't specify which you want if you like cash of two shots yeah here's the thing actually. As a guy too I won't wanna be upset if I was like hey can anybody who drank geez all we gutsy shots because that. Yes there's something by an analyst on Dina by taking shots purse now shots will make you broke I won't spend the most money when it comes shots. Bomb. You come upon someone over that shot up horrible tequila you know. I mean we did we've been friends almost we different from most warriors and it really all started ever shot of arable bottom shelf tequila. You're the only person that if said that. Today so so but again if you are late day did you enjoy taking shots at people anyone have that extra money it's another reason to have to treat him the ball out you know. So right so you start off with your Easter or your pregame went. You know maybe some ten dollar back or twenty dollars if you're going in with a few friends this the other quote think what if you're pre gaming with. Maybe three other people five bucks per person for an entire bottle of vodka or tequila or whatever year pregame and you really I mean. I think pre gaming I think you again you get your desired level of buzz to it CE. And then you head out to the bar the club and you nurse may be wondering. Are you at the very most for the rest of the night. War you pregame as an effort to save up money. You can enjoy yourself on the bar yes and beat that guy. Exactly. Again but again if you are gonna be drinking cheaper beverages just try to watch out for things that are gonna make you super hung over the next day. You know the high the high sugar contents. The co you know this is one thing we didn't touch on colored it. Or darker colored liquors generally are associated with about hang over so if you are going to get like bottom shelf tequila make sure it's clear and not the yellow kinder. Well I hit well this is a little bit of a side note I can tell you how to avoid a two Q hang over. You can't I can't imagine tequila tennis or I really do love I drink tequila straight you know a sit on the rocks I love them or Purcell stay away from her vote. The reason why. This podcast was packets differ not sponsored by those expert I. I've been the worst endorser ever stay with Pargo because it's not 100% I got it you only want to Q that is a 100% god thing. It is needed because it. All this other crap and it and it's not really that that's the hangover consummate this other stuff well. Mom so yet get a 100% got it tequila you hang over will not be as debt that is fascinating I never knew that I literally I just learned some. Tennis or very powerful and important. Yeah I think yeah. Campaign from spare change yet pregame your own risk that's the problem yes. Don't get sloppy.