Retail Workers Reaching Their Breaking Point

Wednesday, December 6th

Corey James thinks that retail workers have already reached their breaking point after the interaction he had last night. 


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Re tell workers have reached their breaking points. Pretty positive. And and led the majority of us have worked retail at some point in our lives 69% of Americans have so I think it is something. Especially your through the holiday they can relate still for Sharon I don't reach out there holidays you or treat the holidays we are icicle lights. It's December 6 two liter issue. I mean clears the note to the holidays keep getting pushed back further and further and further sell doesn't that mean everything ships including. Maybe the patience of some retail employed its now I need to hear this story because it really the reach well. Eight players and plays false or are you one of those I'm Millie. Hi this is about color could be able marathon match up of the judgments on here and you cannot you can decide to let me know so last night. I had to go pick up an ornament for saint Courtney because she says decided. That now we're gonna be trading and are exchanging ordered seven tradition for the there an Angel. Except. Isn't he guilty or alive I did not answer making you look and see I should have Davis to go back to get another one but I kind of scrambled. Because I'm a dude and I'd not entirely sure where to get holiday ornaments from so I did do move. And I Google's. Christmas ornaments and had this map and that's where it yet. How how do you know how do you not know where to get an organ. Dog bolt I go to hallmark to go to partly sure. Did this in Teddy bear this information would have a great before but I ended up going to that big Jack Christmas store and in Henry. Jim. Christmas trees again that's the one that's when it came up. Drop or not Christmas story. I know that now. Christmas there. Okay adult homes or I know now. So I what I wouldn't they among eighty yen it's just it's. Christmas I've. A government it's not a before I got to be that's for buying and dialogue to end. And if he'd ever been inside this place it is similar to a Wal-Mart there's taught. Good stuff there it's gigantic. And it's not all as men do is putting up. Just Christmas stuff it's. But they do it I'm sure they have worn out there and the like a Wal-Mart in effect where it's it's like a department store it would really good deals sure they they they did have ornaments there but I was taken back I was overwhelmed by the. A lot of stuff that was there so I figured I could wander aimlessly through this store like an idiot or I can just. Ask someone who works there see you get overwhelmed locking in to a start like Christmas shop and I am the other hand. All the things elevenths so I walk up to employee who was working at a display and I said to her. On excuse me I can you tell me where defines. The ornaments. She tanking is blank stare for a second. And I could feel her eyes burning a hole through my soul. And she said it like over there but that giant wall of order then. Which I had not seen but I turn to mile up. Well there it is I don't exactly what part of an attitude you walk arsenal. Added to your left it all of the Christmas stuff right up. To making it easy for you like yeah hot hot blocking it we're next week. Chris was stuck yes in the Christmas section right on your face. Yes so sure that might seem like a dumb question at a time in my defense I did not seem now long I was just trying to get there as quickly as possible that's the law in front. You guys do much in this it was a good 100 yards away. My laps I didn't birdie that direct and yet thank you very much so I I was I would like data was trying to take. So I outs to follow that those that is the only only it's just there are those because sometimes like in different areas of the store she was like. Yeah still I start to slow to walk away and I and in her defense. I think that point she felt bad yet because you lick excuse me terrorists are excuse me. They could be in a couple of the places too and she explained it very nicely. Is that retail workers being at their breaking point it's you being an issue. That guy who just walked in here they did here on the holidays of course retail is there for customer service in your -- there to help out in your their point people on the right traction share. Have a little common sense than to go along wit that there are a lot like stop not when I'm very busy time to work in retail the idea saying. The key point of the Christmas imagine what your. Sex and can be a little for a street and I tell. Again an end to. I've worked retail I understand I've been on the other side of that exchange before so I I get it. But it just they caught it caught me off guard that she was that kind of snappy yet mean. I go to. Maybe this is had been asked that question like a thousand times upon the season and I guess I can get it so I was just carry it gets and reads a workers you China and have you reached that breaking point. Or am I just a trigger any time of the year when I ask stupid questions. Like that because that happens to be mega all of the time I'll man did it in nine times out of ten if I'm going to ask or something isn't a store. It is normally with a ten foot radius of where I am pretty taxed and that. That is how ago. Think you're not the only one looking for holiday decorations the Sanyo that's why they conveniently. And you know it was hard to find you eat on Christmas shopping and the Christmas trees and got an yeah.