Dirty Work: The Suspicious Wife

Wednesday, December 6th

Kimberly was convinced that her husband was cheating on her after her friend thought she saw him walking out of a hotel. Was he really? #TeamPXY found out for her! 


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I like he gets a lot of Carter and gore. PX lied to the dirty work plants and Kimberly on the line ready to golf. Am I can really I watch I'm. Well we are always happy to do our best to help people out when it comes to dirty work Wednesday what is it that you need help us. Well. And I hear. My friends and Colin is my friends I can. I am. Why is no reason to go into it now. RHA week limit some. We tell you did you see him not specific act of figures like restaurants and there. Aren't aren't. But he airport you could not get more. Secretive than weird. Yeah. Battle where. And you know kind of thing that I gave it some thought and he told me you're going to be a completely different place you'd like insulate. Everything you need to. Like I have a gut feeling about it and I got you know urban wrong and I am. I Carr and I really angry and I just hit me so. It will confirm that. Why is why you want us. Tend to find out if your husband. She did what I like. If I can track him to let you know if you can't avoid it or areas. Lying and actually take and I feel like if I if I can something you know. Let that eat yeah luckily our. 'cause right now it is within just being your friend saw it's that's hearsay at this point. You might but yeah but the big old brat and Rasheed couldn't carry secondary. Mission doesn't start trouble and though it. You know actually bought him then she. Has he had any kind of behavior in the past that would. May be leading this thing that something was up when he was kinda mess around on hip. Well I mean you've been great husband. And the good person and a you know I've had experience what past where I think there relationship it and trying to find out there cheating on me whether it go once and anger like it feel like. I don't think he's above it and made it look like an old man I get out. I have a pretty strong feelings about it and just I just went well and. I have a family you guys have any key and I think what's your family situation. No we don't think there's even talking about it and I. I kind of calculate at what that means anything it that it was once he won a lot of up and the kind of a recent thing as the Portland to bring that up in the that the and it despite it all very confusing and actually everything. Kind of opening act in I don't know triggered I'm paying her what it. This is all really Sutton legacy is just like I don't look brio and. No this isn't the thing that I expected for awhile but like I think that I don't adequately. Italy. Well thank you appreciate that she's got a boss sorry. I don't know if that's not a OK so meanwhile what we can deal Megan. Can we can aim to get him to confirm that she was indeed at the hotel and it's. I'm saying it then he can't why has been on Latin but he obviously needs to explain himself as long high. But you really poorly just because he's at this hotel that he sheeting honey I mean there's a reason somebody could be at a hotel there could be why. I don't restaurant or business meetings or. I don't wanna lower I don't know. Your right but like it very when he left out I think he told me in this. Gonna get work okay. Seems weird you know it's unseemly I like like you would probably hurt that he wasn't going to be back when he is the biggest lack. He's not going anywhere on what they have a lot about that yeah why it thicker. We'll edit and you know. You're did you yes well and I mean I saw Mike my doubts by way it is due to her when his today. Anger on any you know I'm I'm team get him to be on your side with us aren't happy out at. Night you're there. Yeah. All right take a deep breath look again holier for a second and who god is number. And we'll try to get to the on this for you think I would do that coming up next. Anyway and nearly enough. Abby and today the. You'll need some big time dirty work for Timberlake I'm on the phone right now who has some pretty huge suspicions. When it comes to her husband's do and what he was doing at a hotel recently. Yeah it's a Kimberly told us that your friends later really really good friends not someone who is about drama or would it make this. Up toward jump to conclusions. They ain't saying they saw him at a hotel locally. Where he should not have that. And. I'm telling you this would be somewhere else it was gonna be at work all day and our current market in the lead agency. By the airport. All right well we have a number to your husband Carl. Reach out a. Yeah. Some might call up and basically say I am from the motel. I hi is this car. Oral. I got I Carl when he was Mike I'm calling from the. Wanted to second media this morning about tiger visit was the other week. Who's. He kidding need Karl are you kidding me. I why. And I that. How. Airport. Even to the network all they can now you're here did not agree then technically. Model that it. Hoped that lack that right I. We'll let that let you know. And I turned out and they may. Get out of college is actually a pretty overwhelming but it. Optics are so this is seemed excited turning current attorney Rick Wednesday angrily had a colleague Carl are. Hold the collier chino your blank can't. What no doubt know what I have and I'm not cheating on complex. At all it would it would. Carl he's due a lot about where you were last week and you're at a hotel. They have no reason for being outlets. Let me top weekend she jumped down Astaro Karl. So break. Yeah I I was at a hotel. It took to put a down payment I'm looking at the banquet room for her for Kimberly thirtieth birthday party is going to be a huge surprise. Yeah I had I had been I've been contacting all of our old friend from high school Soledad and go through her entire immediately Kirk spoke friendly. And the work on this week's. Legal gray eagle court got a skeptical look at is is now. Well why. I believe it might do that's an elaborate a lot of come up with a on the spot above there there was she did have a tuition there summing was going on in there was something going on but instead of cheating. Was actually. President great or. Trigger early sweet I read how I feel bad now he. We got a spoil the surprise me she's on the line right now is on hold while we can think of something was she can hear us and she's on hold but she's is behind the delay. Some should probably bring about Condit that because. It's an hour on the hour bomb let's bring her back time and I'm surge is something you guys. All his life and out now all right let's bring her on Kimberly high. Selves. Billed a listening on the way they. I'm. Still a harder sell you up to speed now arms so we know in fact that Carl is not cheating Chinese elk that's Costello. You add he like he let me elaborate right at it and mark. Sunny I I have I have a receipt I am the receipt I only ask for. A black yup. Further down payment for the banquet room. I went there are people aren't there as a down payment and I think that Pollard at a cocktail. Receipts are all the can you Packard worker. Oh well not that know that it is it worked the banquet room I can show they enter anyway miner is at. I hope what is Nicky from where it. It just some random person coming at a package claim it something ailing you agree I'll. Really I don't think he's cheating on you know. She's only a sweet guy can really. Our actions incorrectly. For the most. A week I am very you know like you know I don't hate it right parties like. Why not write thinking Neil I might not go you and me or something you know went up ram something that I would act. Life as a politically that give you all the gory everybody and I. Yeah you aren't aren't but yeah she and or not. Uranium for the party and the next minute you're accusing him back in art and I GGG oh yeah terminating. I am sick of all of it okay like whether it. You know he's always doing something that you know and it never does not mean that he might make it about me I didn't even cheating on me it wouldn't even hear about it. I think the Picasso. All. Clicking. Well it you know it is going to be a great party. Cell car around once you ever say anything back I heard you ever get a word in advice. Is it it it's got to you know but. Hello Kimberley. Should not life. Console Kimberley where you Wembley show either receipt today. I was seeking additional meters deep and call late. A mile all get in the party at all and do whatever they want everybody that went slap on the back and like what a great and then he would. While I'm no one app that like it credit card bill and you know the. We are. I know given this is stuff that maybe yet you guys to just apple products that we Riyadh reached out to him we found out for you know. At least we believe and once he shows that receipt I'm assuming you don't believe that he's not do anything wrong seems like a really sweet kind guy Karl on site. It. You get a welcome to order. I was just gonna yeah. I was just telling you know it is yeah. Yeah. Yeah knows commuted PGA is that there would. Skew you know hey that's something you whitener and stocking error and I hate area. That. Yeah so well. Everything that I think what I actually you might need to monitor our black right now don't wanna be around a bit already. And from equals you know I I did vote in our that the spot that was part of well now that the practices. I don't like learn it. And you all. Are that was the one thing right and you know. Aren't here you guys go have a lovely day as these great soccer. Are. Okay and I guess you haven't how to teach that have been. Nancy I. Negatively to their formal foreplay. I needing getting like they're gonna have to do weird. May get sacked I'll now after that it's true well I think there's gonna be a baby made at the C yeah.