Dirty Work: Ross the Dad

Wednesday, December 6th

Ross had a sneaking suspicion his girlfriend is intimidated by his ex-wife, who's still in his life because of his kids and needed #TeamPXY to get confirmation for him!


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Our favorite day of the week here with DBS live with Carter and Hillary. Obviously dirty work week is dirty or Gloria let's bring. Ross high lost big guys go to Gordon. Ross how can we help you. Already there are situations obviously here it's great hero I have remote. Amazing girlfriend ever been in at least we're gonna get where about a year painting I. Honestly like that's kind of play. A formality I mean from the minute. I met this girl I know I'm here. And we actually met in an airport bar it's so I was. We were both utterly wrecked and business trips you know when I'm in the heart and the admiral quote would be. On the company dime and see you know you know hey it's idiotic and political that would suck it. Over time and we did happen to. But it's what we are up a bar and you know instant chemistry instantly. So like Heidi you know rocket that is storybook. So did she move here for you. Thus it was in the areas he's he read that we were all in Philly heading back. An area. Rochester. Yet our pets we have total total chance meeting this is like iron up there are the words Fay as it makes. Yes I had murder murder Herbert. Please tell me what's the problem that I'm getting scared. I mean every nothing being 9% of everything is great the it is sometime. I feel like there's that's an articulate them but that's something she is holding back some out. And it's basically an eight to be clear her. This would you know I am getting married we did exactly that FirstMerit agreement I remember before. May or it I don't want to you know. It is on the is that you be given to us. Yeah or they didn't go well and obviously. There is. That is. I mean it was just really really bad and really long and drawn out though I mean. Re good things came out of that marriage and heard maybe four. Three of them are my wonderful wonderful wonderful kid at three kids they are really tackle life. Teenage girl. And then to what drove it over the three Euro streak and all of girls many. I mean it worked remain and it worked for me you know I can I get total football of any use. What does your past marriage have to do. Win this relationship. Yet to meet up at three kids and basically I explain. Let's just say she's not very nice she's not on the deal that. And ever I've noticed that it would mean wizard together everything is wonderful everything's great. And then that we though when it's time to go pick up the kids from my XY or at least as Whitney. We're not even there for very long putt right after that we just really can they kind of died down and ultimately less. Anarchy. Your way quieter. And we let cap. She's a charter earth. Yet what are. I don't know I mean you know like I put my agency does is broke open at least a little more you know like I accomplished in her career may be and it just trying to leave. I wouldn't be surprised that she what I tried to talk to her about it a couple aren't. And she's she's gonna you know extra pressure to knock out in appliances and a lot of talk about it a lot of a lot of pleasure. Eclectic. Kind of in team. First here's a woman and not only is the mother of your kids but the first person you committed to immediate choice and and she knows that there's probably some animosity between YouTube as a sheet of metal that. And stressful. Lately there. I am all in our midst of it means a lot of pressure even. Apps and actually would be kind of you know let moody and an element in the next couple with AT and. I see. That's ever dated anyone who's been divorced before. Now no never she never been married you've never been with somebody you know as much older than I am and repent. Or all her new car. So you need to find out. If Axl life. Is her Asia. He has an enemy some open up that dialogue in the internal Evernote and I'm fine. We got our. Let any ideas floated around. I think ninety I want. All right hey rusty hang up for a second mega and I go in disgust. And move from there look at. Hope you are. It's odd and it isn't dirty work which he excellent. I'd like Ron's oh. I'm trying to do his relationship dirty work beforehand. Fifteen PX line Carter incorporate. This once targeting your heart strings megabits it's how can. And I what I really want this to work out brought us much about his amazing girlfriend Lisa off. And how she's a little bit with Iran and I think there might be some issues going on that wave your ex wife and lease Aaron ross'. Yes. Hey you know exactly. And we got to admit this in the but it. So that Larry I you guys can do about it on your relationship. Yes you know it's it can have. They're probably gonna problems we're not talking about. Well I think I've got an idea of how to address the elephant in the room yeah I liked this idea is get cracked Ross I. I had a line you give us lease is number let's give her call and get this god I looked upon with X and. A. Hi this Lisa. Cherry Kiley. This is Corey James mega Carter fourteen PX line and hit a lie we've got some in very special on the phone with us as well higher wonderful boyfriend Ross. They bit. Of a quick got a Korean. I. Am carrying it went. Are at least and so Ross got you involved in a contest. For your chances of family vacation. And Purdue got a whole school match games style and her. So here's honesty is not a scam works we asked Ross a bunch questions we've got his answers were gonna ask you with the same questions and you. I gotta do is match what you think Ross would say for that answer person said. I. I can't hurt Eric but it's have a second to do list. I totally there was something when the vacate. I think James. They're gambler I questioned a line and you gonna get us three out of four geared it to get qualified for this vacation look at forever. He read that question month what is Ross's. Favorite restaurant. It back like she. But getting a little hard and we got that record company. I. Question number she. One for one this is it Barack what is Ross's. Favorite sports. But he played as a child. Aren't you. These are gonna go to Grassley hard to selection. How about this. And I Lisa Emerson if you had to pick one person. You met because of Ross. That you wish you didn't. Pull it being. And walk joke. Hit it and Bob. And. Sadly not. The answer. I'll try and you're right Ryan I know right and that I thought yeah. I'm pretty during. Yeah I'll a Ross and his sex life. Horrible arrow flat out there so that sort of under our bank. If you think at a lakers parts of completely record. That we aren't right now we are choose for three. If you get this question right this last question and you'll win that that package. Are you ready lease. I know we're we're right Christian people are and what is Ross his biggest fear. Oh I got there have been I had both fall on him in the building. Had multiple nightmares about it. Yeah. You guys are not qualified for that that this trip if vacation. For a divide people aren't. Opera are you hearing periodic it's going to be at all. Marat is Arabs call for this by that we got into the back Fey is on his side obviously rate period it. Our air. Cuba and. Visit packets for fun and sell Bailey vacation every parent that I know has kids takes they're kids they're an absolutely loves. Your got a lot. Perpich. Exit lane. Yet be yet unity in the world. United they did that sound excited about that at all. I mean it is again in Iraq. It sounds great but I would much rather cook it initial the jeweler lay. Why would you rather does that to you gotten. Well and truly honest I don't really buy it. Luckily it can purse and. You know Rouse his kids he spent a lot of time with them he says that you go in and it to pick a mop from. Diane how ocean. Can't look and the hope and and part of that action. Cooler I mean the current link is among that the main gave her party and I'm really erratic in particular since. And it will be like knowing that confidant and you know we're at daybreak you know you can put it let me bit better it did not be the end meaning. Rusty it's like police and I. I think okay ask you can't ask about it but it seems like they're happy that you hurt you know that on. Activate your I don't know I mean I could start locking in India they're having a problem with Eric is. He and he brought an art and you know. Quiet over that time they are all that when the world together. I'm thinking maybe placate and that kinda get to know them. You know there are really cute I mean you're probably a real busy already gathered up if you already think that they don't like you. And you don't like them I need to elect seriously think about their okay. I you know I love you so much and I wanna marry you. I can't I can't trust somebody who doesn't like my kids. They're my whole English. Relations according ghetto. Yeah I mean we're gonna hurt too. Crap I will. We'll let you guys go. Best of us a look at your conversation. Science is kind of the way things turned out not exactly we're expecting. I don't think I guess for the until they get home lives. It's by.