Mistletoe is Too Pervy for 2017

Tuesday, December 5th

In the wake of sexual assault allegations, some companies are scrambling to make sure mistletoe isn't present during the holiday office party. Does mistletoe deserve the pervy rep that it gets? Corey James says no! 


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And all the headlines. These sexual assault harassment allegations against a lot of celebrities. We know there is gonna be a trickle down effect at some point and a lot of that of course is going to be thing because now we're all more awareness. That he'd be very careful about things you say and do. There's also of course is going to be some negatives that circled around and talk about yesterday. A lot of holiday parties might be a little bit different this year break. Betsy there's just this yet so a lot of companies are choosing to either limit boost. Borer eliminated altogether. To avoid any. Things happening. I'm one on one company in particular that I would always do open bar. Has now gone to the to drink ticket system where you get to drink tickets and once those two Oregon. Then your district in Coke and got called for that's. I mean if you know that your company is filled with a bunch of herbs and maybe it is the best form of action I mean. But I think it's the blue may be olds tab. And others not just that it's not shopping there another thing being bands. Holiday parties all across the United States. Mistletoe and think now it was building missile now that's that is pretty meg gets us and it's easy and you hate missile toughest job. It's ugly it's dom and it's like all of hot please these Chesney I could sense that please. Seems as well it is when you say it's stupid when it like that it does sound creepy it's creepy and weird I don't party a long time Red Sea missiles out. It's coming ash and every single. Christmas my family would put up the missile to. Every single Christmas and it was we Inky and I'm sick and tired of Alltel being used in getting tickets mistletoe it's well maggot. It's the cricket people they used the wrong way it is the fault yeah no I'm with you there I think that's why give them an excuse is this. This isn't what many don't like even opened the door cracked just slams this is so deep in tradition do you know word missile toe even comes from not all started. And on missile that was started it all and it sent to educate yourself and you know what you want it's an exile must learn a little bit about it. But it comes from. There's ties to Norse mythology there's ties to two Danks and drew Eds. And the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe action started an ancient Greece and you knew all of this coming up that's like you you love this I loading Tyler in the Celek an hour. So I started using it during marriage ceremonies because there's actually an association when it comes to mistletoe with fertility. I think about these two during marriage ceremonies because it is probably an arranged marriage and had forest. Not just I richt like yes guess this is basically. She did it started twisting it twisting it into something disgusting. Disgusting and let it recently outlet makes you recently having mistletoe in the office. Having missiles go out in public having mistletoe and other places besides like your house where it's cute and suspend its habit and turn it into a very dark place I can now. Saying we CEO reason to have missiles out at an office by shell she didn't show all faction. It's all its affection for my coworkers think you very much. If we have been the and you're very decorated we have our holiday party coming up tomorrow and we are very decorated the office right now I have actually not seen any mistletoe yet they're bumping. Because our office is harmful creepy people who like. Why let's get some evil we eat or even though concept of its oh here just let us argue that we paying attention okay that's the way to do it and Montgomery is up. Oh my god did not rape do not compared to two days rate that is ridiculous it. These sinister and it's it's a tradition. Sweet little tradition when you have a creepy guy slot Earl this on your face without cash. Remember growing up as look at. Donors come around the little little little towns little. On the cheek very innocent very sweet nothing wrong about that because you are like five and it was your. When your twenties and thirties and it's that weird guy from inside sales do you ever since then it's completely different you can also simply to say. And I think now. After it you know what partly eighty's that's all we had to do absolutely right Cory age you ladies I'm sorry I'd be complete. He messed this whole thing up guys it loses all our fault these all don't we say don't say I'd. This problem could have been solved ladies if we just know that according to court Jindal we had to say it was just. If you speak it don't tell me you think you can speak. I did of metal I'll be happy you actually knew that from the beginning we have. Neverland didn't get. Time where mistletoe was more effective only we had known at this to say no thank you the whole time we had no problems. Why he'd still be kicking around hey Hart yeah wanna add sex and you know. Yelled yeah I totally by not I'm not get his faith he let us thank you update yet Wednesday night. Aren't I thought it. And. Lowest it's weird color was simply click slot for other things they strangers. David if they think it's like a sweet little. No I don't once sailed you know more people. No one talks today she slid bubble that's what's gonna happen and cold sores that and it's just it's it's great radicals are your cheek yeah. How that out of it it's about our story is this guy I don't care who you are always such AIG without my permission aren't so tomorrow. Someone's look around with with missile taught her how to party. That's another ham and now I if you get sick if you do to put missiles on your head out to be like let me get it back to keep you down and I am that I assume that's what it has now maybe that is what is seventeen version invent a new tradition just got to find some of the plan. Hollis and sort of nuts.