Family Holiday Traditions

Monday, December 4th

Whitney Young who was filling in for Megan Carter this morning was having trouble thinking of a unique holiday tradition for her and her family, so we had to give her mom a call! 


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He gets a lot of Carter a Korea and I'm thinking Carter on vacation with a young filly in the pet you know look and a bunch all. Holiday traditions taking place Rochester over the weekend there was the celebration downtown new lighting of the liberty home that's right it's on Iran from that was pretty awesome that's the fireworks after Jay Leno the on ice skating rink. So open as well and now also on Friday night was the lighting of the Genesee brewery. Ensuring. Well what it what a class. And what the more unique. Traditions every holiday here in the Rochester area and I feel like every family. Whitney has some kind of unique holiday tradition. For their fame. I think of mine and we did armed. It was called the funny gifts a bank and it's it's kind of ironic because there was absolutely nothing funny. About it whatsoever but for whoever is that's my grandmother called it so it was this kind of excuse. I think to appease the kids because they are Mino means being the Bradshaw that I was odd desperately wanted to open up presents early shopping itself. I know I know I'm glad you're sitting down eyes sell the funny gift was just kind of like a little ploy to play with. On Christmas Eve and that would kind of appease being able to open up one day and it was always like. We'll handle gamer something silly and stupid like that Tommy got she rail but people have. Some crazy ones I used to date a girl or her family it was like Stanley feud on Christmas you beautiful well. At all these contests and games they play and they keep track and they had teams couldn't. That's like it was a wild if you what did you up and it's yours publicly PX I say text line 69 AT TO. Or I teach you to 9800 Whitney what about you your family tradition that's unique just of them. Well. I read. We decorate the tree. With music. And just. Look analysts. You're unique traditions your family for the holidays. Decorating Christmas area. Eyes at that led the league death metal on it normally. Now we have Collins the apology and paying and and sometimes we'll late may hot chocolate I don't. I'm trying to think. This is really shooting holes in my theory that effort Stanley Harris I've recently and you didn't you just describe the least unique thing possible I understand here in the hall. Used to I mean we had a lot of fun yeah we always spend it together sir I think I'm trying to think of something like. Yet another un unique semi tradition on Christmas Day were you guys open presents. So now that's sounds we should try about it go that is really rack your brain right now. I don't believe. All I and they're drawing a blank and it is simply on the spot but there's no way possible. Unique now I item there's got to be something there has to be something. I feel like we need to like call my mom or something that was cat. Can't wait please she's not going to be happy yeah let's. Steps twister are my mom are just punted and over there I'll bring era and I tell there's no way. That. Is your holiday tradition. In. News. Ticker true. And I. Yeah. This is young. I tell you Leslie. Ankle sonics are outside. The OK so I'm by I'm glad you answered because I'm looking at Whitney right now. And I I think steam is what she got her ears not because she is racking her brain to try to think about the holiday traditions you guys have as the family. Close he's the guy and the best she can come up with its. Duke route tree with. Christmas music on this guy is it better than that. I. Well we usually go to Pennsylvania. You know. Like he's talking about you know like some kind of game like some kind of unique tradition and everything has that one little thing that you need to camera. And deepening what about our crew wouldn't. Unless the Christmas. Tell him her. You got a Christmas together. No I'm not alone. I I cry and I. Okay can you explain so I'm assuming a made this I've read in the context here every Christmas you but puzzle and then. You try to get everyone in your family to deal with you and then no one does he do aligned else add. Exactly. That's exactly what happened. I hi all I just something we get it. Yeah we just have something to left center right. Oh left left right manner that we do about him but yeah what's that. Well everybody has to bring the green one dollar build it all this out and urged. It's. Up to take. And then there are three guys who won. If you roll street guy. And they all have LR. RC are not. So it depending on what you role you have to give a dollar bill the last. So there eight or to the center you know they won't. And he takes on its attacks. Somebody hit the winner. And up and then yeah. You guys. Against gamble. And yeah. It takes its shall. There. Our lives better than. Now we have crews. I doing. Out here and yes I did you notice the trends. Yeah you're not getting help you figure them. I'm behind. Curry I have this. Not as is your trio it's your tree up already. The street percent to. No victory. It has won candy cane that I put on it that's true do you. You had a Christmas well this year blazing arrow. Okay let me you need to go home tonight after the show yeah you can take a nap first the upper think yeah. Yeah. Sorry you raise the auto with such for Christmas spear. Anderson I I assure you it is no fault of Europe and thank you. That's why. Did it.