Dirty Work: Kay the Show Cheater

Monday, December 4th

Kay reached out to fess up to her boyfriend that she show cheated on him!


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Like boom seen the X like Carter glory yeah. Seeing PXY with a young Dillon information harder this morning up and you nervous. A little I've never done this now. That's not you can't possibly be worse this tonight and I. If we just fine but I do it's GTX like dirty award candidate mode right now York guilt stricken what is wrong. I don't even think that the whenever you're in a road to the party how one. Challenge that you always plot it's no matter what. Oh yeah the real or bad the relationship shall I actually have several nothing right now I'm. I bet you dale. That I actually am curious what your car the aren't as bad. That's so good. These of course it's when it years Corey. And a sentimental kind of guy Whitney I know to back Elofsson. Wasn't that event though I think it. No angry and we are we want to what areas where I put out of work crazy hours. Don't always. ER and watch it later or whatever we are and don't last week we were just we are crazy. In the back of armor and whenever error it. There aren't saying. Animal and you don't into the front and by if a oval it and. And not allow its act in somebody. Into a bills game got dropped well I know acts. I kind of like. There were the book OK it's great passing a particular appear here are you guys got it tell you that buffalo absolutely. So I did get a coming over Latin. All of you with me because it exactly the kind of account. Though. In my car. Or over an hour or. What you're gonna lower army. Ya okay and thousands. Dot and the spoilers it's tough I figure Panama. Don't work at the Pope don't want cholera or. But don't let you into a room. Where I. Know. Can you did lock it. And you do Holland now hey you should she enter. Oh. Where I mean that that's as you are a cheater K you're a show cheater that isn't 100%. Legit showed she gets because his body was in the room. Doesn't mean that was OK yeah Libya right out of state in mind to watch this show gives Denver and he is body was in their path. Carrera all I mean I I. I feel you'll want to watch it with the fall finale last week so you know it was an important episode it's. I don't but I don't go back because they know what you're good yeah I would be. So here. Oh I cannot even tell you how many times McGovern has thought I showed cheated and for economy and like no. And it's. She cheating has become worse than actual cheating and it's in mean you know I'm Rick air and that's okay so what you need help with Kenya's. I'll break the news your bar pretty think it's gonna be test. I would act you know there would be Hurt Locker room would ever meet it. Yeah I believe it you know he. That other. You know. Wrote a crowd aren't well we can we cannot be out that we need down I'm down let's see there's no K as a show cheater. Seemed a little bit but I I feel like you're beating yourself up enough for that so are at what was your boyfriend's name again. Our hang on all gay Adams info Odom called next indecency PX I dirty work. Like I did CP and slide dirty word Whitney young and things hard this morning scoring games and we've got okay shall Jeter saw. Tennis. Though OK you say that you and your boy for an Adam you watch this is us religiously it is you or shell. And over the weekend you took advantage of him. And Alter. Or is that it already in it. It has altered state of mind get gotta build game he came back slightly inebriated. And he passed up. I. Heard. This yeah. Like you did you get up and up watching the show because you thought while. Physically his body is here so what do we showed cheating now you're feeling guilty about are you ready to face the music. Warm or are we cut let's give them call announcements yet. Hey Adam this is Corey James and I'm here with Whitney Young were from ninety PX line all right we got them. What does it say everybody thinks that now. I'll let you know later on I. I guess young sort of I guess sort of once they hit we have got a girlfriend Kate on the phone with us. And yeah a lot Whitney's it's excellent for magaw this morning I'm gonna through this India outlying and give you can do that's. Irate. So Adam hi. I. OK so I understand that I UNK happy TV tradition of sorts where every week you guys watch this is us together. And yeah and you promised each other that you'll never watch this shell without the other person that write your relationship show where your relationships. Here's a deal. Case. She wants without technically without you you were there you were just. Pass out. It was the day you came home drunk from the game men she just got our. Honor and remember. Our regime in there is so guilty about that she. Yes she. Everybody at work. On I hit it working well or. I'm sorry one of the lot their own doll like god stop being checked it beleaguered that yours you can be old don't stricken over that. Obama always happy and you're not you know men are now you got mad about oh not bad at all one and all that's. Super understanding of you ready to explode here ruin are we about surest. Why I'm sorry what. I think I thought that was our relationship chili's or the other like the weekly tradition and a much. Watching every week we can't read it shall credible. Well Paul hold onto it well if you think she'll look why do you watch it. Well I. Our fight Berkeley community she enjoyed that and basically what we want to date pretty much always believed that he didn't late. Hole. Currently are too we want to show you get all emotional she can't look me and then eventually by the last commercial break Arian in. She. Can. I mean I don't like it but we're earlier. I wondered who it but it mostly because it is big guarantee sex night. So don't let it art in the press on now. You know when I think of things that can be considered. Like foreplay. This is not is that one at a much of the might as well against. As well you know you go what works and down sort of audio of what we're gonna pray that god I thought it is great but I got to go one REK. Regulator. Had a way. Not all of it. Nancy did I. It how do you feel about that. Yeah. One of our error. Yes I think I I was kind of trying to buy my time here but I gotta be honest book content usually hatch yeah. You. Or. Your paper written or. Highly cannot clean. Noelle. If anyone who doesn't like that show. It's an okay person. I get if you can feel. The emotions that show you're obviously down inside you might be a socio. I mean it how it. Basically you're watching mr. Rogge that they are looking it over what they're angry actor yeah I don't. I mean I just feel bad for you because you feel you felt so little back and you've also guilty and now it's like oh for one at why. I don't know. I don't. Well I mean at the alleys to release your guilty is really different kind of fun to break that other you are absolved of yours and yeah. Okay yes you're still a show Jeter but I guess it doesn't really matter. I don't feel bad I think it. Get you back Berkeley. Yeah as for being on a scat. I think we all feel bad for you don't think. Maybe it has redeeming qualities I don't know. We don't we don't know him personally that from from what I just heard the news. Or are you yeah. Couple.