Gift Giving in a New Relationship

Friday, December 1st

Corey James is celebrating his first Christmas with his girlfriend St. Courtney after 4 months of dating and needs advice on how big he's supposed to go when it comes to gift giving! 


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You can't fly with Carter glory is on not AT acts like she juju not in hundred. If you want to jump for Erica picks I think tech line 69 ETT important changes. Relationship expert yeah yeah yeah I unless I can tell we're in that you don't already. Have the answer to this this is what I'm confused about not still not sure the holidays are a wonderful time especially at. With someone but he really in TO would sell a lot of great things you can share but also. It's not a pressure also comes with the holiday especially the first time at all. Because that's sets the bar right. Yeah I'm unfortunately I am so what do you deal especially when it comes to gift giving us is that it should that I am trying to deal with right now. You go crazy ego as big as you possibly cannon and then completely Sega yourself up for his appointment later on the road. When you don't live up to that expectation at the holiday let's continue on it's you stay together or do you try and set things. Condit reasonable level. I honestly I'd I I'm old self conscious about this in general yeah because I've got a bit of the history. Of us growing up. When it comes due gift giving like want to give more nemesis then yeah. Mark how are just it's much too little deal how much is spent on I have had issues in the past where I've been in new relationships. And a little too crazy in the beginning with the big do you steer them on yeah. Asked me yeah now I've been at the force some gun shy now when it comes to that because. Obviously you don't want it stood in the way it well so I I read up on the SA and the. Average. Gift giving for couples to our Mary is anywhere from. 5200. Dollars I'll get asked the national average and that's for people who have just been together for whatever time it there's no set time on how hurt. I feel comfortable bringing this up. But. Sink or as much as well. Pretty multifamily. Since the finer things. Extra rich. And your knots yeah now on the amounts. That's you dream about that and a good also rich is up for princess but I don't. I. It really has I mean in the and that's the thing too is a lot of people have been suggesting announced in command they're in the clip expressed attacks on its excites you you already saying how the conversation about war. Sent eight dollar amount set center. I'm beyond me. I feel some cheap even having that conversation how. I'm bringing that up. I know logistically it does make sense and I had an relationships where. We've done or even friendships are on the I think we do that we have a dollar limit that single partner. Aimed at stifling having that limit yeah it sounds like it sounds real simple all right we're just. It. Looks now does she have anything. Changeable the good Entergy had an Amazon wish list that she had had she drops the senate I specifically want this to her parents analysts odd stuff she nods. All there have Ben some hints. I sell I have some ideas. Of what to get them but. Yet it's not like you I've had past relationships where there was the interest board of things I want literally was. But I'm not the battery there. You hit it saves. You on I can't tell you out die his or her Republican for your girlfriend. Me and sneak onto their interest board and you'll find the answer right. Yeah I admit it really really simple and I don't have that luxury okay. I don't know what it tells CII. Feel I feel bad giving you this answer why. Seemed pre pretty. Not discuss an awesome. Giving yes. So it is the gift giving expert I think it's. And that your a little behind the team. When I come at he's got to be sentimental doesn't matter the cost to house to be something actually that it's the first. Holiday that you guys are spending together in a relationship can be something she's got to remember something that's gonna pull her heart strings not like you let. All gutsy listen to me he cares about it he knows me. And you have no clue with then. I don't like the bodies just yet Heidi good words for maybe you'll the past that was sweet you know I can't tell you acted like pat I. Dubbed my last big long relationship. I was very good at keeping notes throughout the year of things I would drop art. Felt like my first holiday gift to have my first Christmas gift to him I actually made him cry. Cheers tears they're tears of joy shall I put it yeah when you get the ball. I was good is okay. So heated exchange seat he never seen he'd never been a concert. That crazy. He never got console as he would as police went east. It done town schooling and grad school he is very busy with that so he hadn't had time goes he. Is he's he brings. Favored and was this day and called bright eyes I don't remember them and we had also been talking about maybe taking a weekend trip somewhere. Sell. He was a writer unstoppable like so all of easy just come together I got came eat Moleskine notebook that was a travelman puck and we're yeah notes when you go visit places skip he's also very avid traveler cheer. I'm and insight and notebook and there where hotel reservations TO. Your run out to a hotel in Toronto. And there where tickets to go see Brad is inter I'm always got. It's gonna now how does no good now. And now because you're you're right it's more about the thought less than it is college. This sucks I thought I told you I'm sorry. Raise the bar blogging I thanks a lot better for failure you know just. And the I just your mom or did you get any doubt. I get you know what you can get a gift cards only allow you know the person's gonna get some men want core I breakfast the other day in the national retail foundation 75% of people want. Gift card for Christmas and they can get the date on. Makes double think about it yet would you rather have something that maybe he might like or. The money that's something that you know I get cart and write a really eat ice now about how much you've cheater pattern on his back and when I'm curious cook excessive tax on it and attempted on this one. Blue depth live for yield. Gift card. I understand it it seems logical but I don't know that's beautiful and the situation now I just not put pressure on the ad if there's no tears they need to team. I'm just saying. I there might be tears there to remind yeah.