Dirty Work: The Broken Ornament

Friday, December 1st

Charlotte needed #TeamPXY's help telling her husband Daryl that she destroyed a sentimental Christmas ornament from his childhood! 


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From WM GTX lot of Carter in Korea and Audi PX why not why I mean nothing like going to as the weekend get some. Some dirty arched that's right into the weekend with a clean center got Charlotte on the phone now Charlotte what's the age she need help went. Yesterday I. Explained that with you. Mean. I broke one of my husband barrel ornament. In any relief each. Yeah yeah I though it it coming in England unit and it. Wouldn't mom I'll only. Yeah and an independent if you're Eric part. Out. Yet so it has a lot of mental. Sox is something completely irreplaceable with. It. We got no it totally act. And act and shattered it was so. You leave your problems it is the war Indiana might this might be karma trying to muscles you trams are on on that now aren't we can. We're phone I got there so luckily what kind of ornament. Is this Tiki did describe to us what it looked like. Okay yeah I've been so you. Battle it was made out of polite all know man. Can. You need today in now. And cut the EU like little red got tired. And you know keeping Condit like you look at that he'd get back to power that apple. And I don't eat it lasted a lot if he needed as a key considering it's me the glass and got shuffled back and forth from instantly it's. You're out accidents happen to us with an ax and yeah. Alex I'd I'd get that sentimental value what you really think like it to the degree that you can't just feel like hey. I started a Brooke that the army and it really freaked out about us. Well we couldn't find out today it was in our normal ornament ox. And what I did finally it'll lit up a bit. So we I think it really does mean a lot. Like I you know connect it it was Mohammed in the US opens you pass out. When you can't like and you will you describe seems pretty simply can't like. Does make a kneel and her place bets. I don't know it dairy meat at Kennedy junior when he played well. Let's see snow right click it all dollar pre nightly you know we get cancer dies he does get a New Hampshire know. Yeah it should I. They were bad in the back seat that was it I had a bird die here on it in my hand and body and you are such that I I. It was not that they are. I'm right you're right honesty is the same policy act I. Have you tried and failed and that would create distrust in the relationship but. What do you highly leveraged his dirty work Corey how can we do his dirty work percent. I'd I'd joke well liked the guy on holidays. And he is as big in your mind as as YouTube making it up to beat. Okay sour Brit you know we are a lot and spears feelings or tell the truth and crushes dreams and as long courses of sulfur haven't but. I. You tell you and tell glory she confessed right now connected imaginative change our play at all this will be okay to get easy one for once Corey. All right obligates your husband and follow. Reach out next. More dirtier the team PX we monthly trusted this man needs. That the more GPX like dirty work Charlotte on the phone right now guilt stricken. Because Charlotte you are being Christmas ornament Murr. Are welcome now to zero. Enough that you accidentally broke your husband's favorite tournament with an arm and that's government mom and tell me to. From his childhood. Pigs and irreplaceable. Its price led. And it's gone forever yeah. I need you said that you couldn't find a new normal spot this year but once you stuck around in and picked it out. And he shouted to him he just lit up. So this obviously has lot of sentimental value so they're very nervous about telling and this is broken again yes this is irreplaceable. You have that I need your help. Aren't many reading your ask you until the church as well I I think I think we should lies at the grinch to yeah. No we should we should tell your baby. Baby you've talked. It off and that's what babies so. I do. Not. Eat. All adult cat it's easy to take it up on the cat if if this is going to upset him as lets you think it is the next could be back to cal let's not. All right and you're doing this or our pilots him on the phone right now. Oh hey Darryl. Yeah morning yeah. It's a big. Aren't Corey James we are eighteen PX life. From any PXY and we are doing some dirty work right now we've got here by Charlotte on the phone with us TO says hi Charlotte or he can tell we're not lying. Yeah I. Yeah this animal and Greer says the model or your confused yes Yasser on the radio on because you'll are like Charlotte reach out to us up. Because she wanted us to help her. Tell you something. The sudden it happened and now I want to stress that I cannot stress this enough. This was completely on intention to total accident yet so. And yet Matt. Well. OK isn't written out shuttle you wanna tell them what happened you were here for support we've got. We've. I can't really bad. Will what is it. I don't like it here. Thick discolored. It could it be automatic. I'm going to be more Matta the longer they sit. And overworked. Then there all. My god yeah Larry you don't just play. I didn't yeah yeah yeah that's a bad. All of quite bald man ornament the music they're on the pitch at the principle of our. Any minute unit value out of Alec okay here's your complete ball would. Era you know and a much mom you know and if it. CA Ghana. Aren't. I don't I I really. Don't care. Yeah. Student test there what are. Oh yeah. Her mom older guilt trip on it bring back Robert do. Yeah it really agree on the the guys I know the feeling that Charlie your lungs are reports that but I didn't expect it doesn't. Matter really. Yeah oh yeah I don't like. You know I don't know if I'm wrong and we may get back from where I was. If you lose your load times but it one fighter on news peg awful. I don't really. And it it happens as well I don't really care about it that it donated to finish it. Only if you're on the head on his name and oh yeah and armor and shirt yeah I got it. It was locked. You'd like lit up how to get their act. Yeah. I would try to hide it just. Please you know that. You have nose on urban. And I doubt. And it grace Kelly's got but it never tree is. Human account of our unit was there are you like this site. So this is go on all of my. Eye. I. Think for Christmas bolt of U should asked for some communications. Yeah. Those are I. I'll bet on that could definitely make it may be I got an idea I don't batter struck. Tonight you better blood and they keep you. Out now. That there. May we big giving away the strong happy is our tickets all week and how about because I feel like this to be good bonding for you guys and maybe you can make some new not under garments together because that is. Put the tickets on other strong on Wednesday Rican dude some arts and crafts probably ideal but it gets to go and distilled date night. And so Scott Padgett are correct your. Oh great. That would be awesome average. And then you know Darrell Kenny at how many years you have maybe your order it looks better than the woman you made your kid. You not anywhere. Now after some drinks I have all up and seen some. All of.