Can you save money by keeping food past the expiration date?

Friday, November 10th

Your fridge is full of money. Not literally. But we spend a lot of money on food each week, and that food is money. Can you save your food longer than you think in order to save a few bucks? How dangerous is it to keep things past expiration dates? Debbins and Whitney don't agree on this, but they get the USDA on the phone to settle it. 


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We're recording welcomes you champagne. From scared she plans for seven. There it is and C Whitney Young it's really professional to do you Whitney on so what is what is his pockets about. What do what these shenanigans champagne from spare change. It's how to do everything you wanna do in life. It's still save money the same time Brett you wanna go to bars on the weekend you wanna go ought to eat what your friends. Com wanna take a chip to Spain and live like a boss to the same time. Still save money and I'll be super port and be in debt for forever and never retire right exactly. So that's or trying to figure out I don't necessarily know how to do that I don't know if you do. I was still trying to figure out yeah I mean it's a it's a work in progress we're still young radar twenties we've still got in a lot of learning a lot of living and learning I think I've figured out everything now of course he had done so that's what we're trying to sure how to do together bright bright. So it's cold champagne for spare change and it's not a podcast. About like making a big in the stock market the seven that Wright has I don't know what I'm talking about it that's of it was he would definitely lose money yes mom it's about the little ways to save money just in daily life itself. Exactly means money makes the world go around right like it's embedded in everything we do you need for everything exactly even when you're not thinking about it so. I feel like you know. I'm always amazed at how much little expenses. Like maybe that cup of coffee on the way to work or 250 exactly. 22. And how much that adds up to like this exorbitant. For millions of Americans. So this isn't like you said you know this isn't the time for average like. Pledging podcast where we're gonna tell you like how to get good deals and how to be a Boller and all about digging. Deeper tax not your father's budging podcast set I all right today's episode. Is about how much money are we really throwing away with our food yes. Because we spent a lot of money and food right we do mean that you need to delay it right. I was rarely save leftovers as long as you probably could. That's crazy actually so I I I wanted to you compile some. Some examples of like what 640 dollars to ride OK when I look at them I would that's deputies. This can be six months of your phone bill payments. Three months of a car payment if you're leasing a car meaningless applicant BMW or some back on normal cars. One month of rent or good chunk of it. Round fair roundtrip airfare to some European lavish vacation. All of your shopping. So many things. You must really love your fan we can have never spent 640 dollars on how to joppy you could buy so much with that you could violate much you could buy. I think about. Hundred garbage plates with that might you would know that gap of at 600 parts per plate how many bananas. Is she loved Nancy 49 cents a pound bomb not a avid radio I'm not math. A lot. A lot of the map but too many bananas. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average American household. Spent 4515. Dollars on food it was fifteen which means if you if you run the numbers. On which we did before this before we started recording today because I couldn't do this at the top man had gone we re throwing away 16%. Other food we buy every year. Regis so here's the thing out and this is a big part of where we unite differ. Yeah how long does your food really last and that's why a lot of people sort of way because I think it's bad. Brett. Well right so let's not let's get him the best when we're talking and when we're talking deli meat we are polar opposites on this thing. Our case that we couldn't be more opposite if we tried I ain't I am in the camp of I will throw something away before I risk getting sick from eating at which. Tony is only telling me I think it like. Day's top this that's you've seen it. A little party just guidance and other adapt your IC bead that clicks away I am sweating a bomb so three days annual so if you go to wegmans today. You've got like half a pound Turkey you get to eat out before Sunday. Oh gosh yeah Sunday there is an accident Sunday would be coaching it would be viewed I would be today Friday Saturday. I've bought deli meat last night and it will I will have it no arm no later than Wednesday next week so. A week I'll get a delegate. No later than ones yes I'm weird that I worded that weirdly I will save my meat for a week he continued eating it throughout the week. Yeah now kind of meet us. Via Turkey and chicken. So Turkey you like they do say baying heyday is that the powers that be jobs up for us it's. Exactly say that. You know. Three days for Turkey. And three to five days or hand that would I've seen your your smoke and weed I mean like what is happening. Your smoking. In the good stuff here two days. That's nine and enough time I don't stand with you gotta you and I both of their families but families at the banks of the damn ball. Right but they're also eating pastor iron out and maybe maybe I'm on the other extreme where I saved cooked meats for a week. I mean for I think that's disgusting I looked up you're disgusting if you are very important very immature here today right. Rachael Ray obviously is an expert in all things food rates said it cooked chicken well last three to four days so if you're eating at a week later. Yeah risking some seriously. Gastrointestinal. Problems I haven't had a stomach aches and over twenty years. And here's the thing if it if that you give the sniff test OK give the sniff test if it smells fine and it looks fine. Eat it and guess what it tastes fine and I'm fine so how was enough fine. Well and that's where we differ because I have a history of a frequent summit takes I I does that have a sense of some or if it's like in bad luck where I made. You know I just. It's maybe it's going to. Do you think it is you think because it will have you done as a whole life I mean do your parents. Throw away deli meat after 23 days yes it's I wonder 'cause my mom. My dad my whole family this is where I learned how wanna keep meat we've been you know yeah in this forever my whole life. Arms so I wonder if maybe I have an immunity to some of these things that make you sick yet calm that you don't have. So. It's kind of it's kind of bad he did that I mean like if you were if you were to start pushing it may be ticked up to three days and then next time do it for days. You kind of wean your way into it right you know maybe you'll develop an immunity to these things that make you sick because I'm not getting sick. Ironically now tomorrow I'm probably gonna get sick as I say and it's. It definitely is not going to be in the podcast next week because you'll called in sick dude who likes severe food poisoning. I'm also OK I went over to Bob Boris head. You know the meet their website and they said quote in order for you to enjoy optimum flavor we recommend that you do not purchase more product than you can consume within the re. Dazed and they're being conservative I think they're trying to cover their bots but maybe they should because I don't wanna get sick. I have on I've beef in my freezer right now remain. I have actually earlier this year I found this is most polish consumer polish is the most polish and ever happened someone. I found a frozen Brody in the back of my freezer and I know was from thinks giving Tony sixteen and a select earlier. This year that I found it should have been several months it was hit and and that. And I thought it and I've I keep up in the microwave. And tasted really didn't. And that's the thing. Freezing too it's a great way to push to pressure on your budget for food you. I buy all my chicken like family size up bulk rate to its lot cheaper I'll buy it's like several pounds. And then I wore freeze and a last months and months. Well for you if you could see Whitney's face or an Al Sheikh but she's changing color drying I'm trying so hard to like here you out but. This is not the only thing you put your freezer. I for lawyers on a hot bat on you referred to the infamous blueberry crumble I am on an as yet so. My Stanley once actually know twice he did this 'cause there were several of these weeding sixteen year old. Blueberry crumble that my grandma cooked before she passed away. Now Shimmy out Jimmy out on my grandmother grew up during the Great Depression were there which there there was not a lot of food or on the race issue really learn how to save thinks. So what she would do when she was still alive issue cook several Blu-ray crumbles or these different types of pies at a time. And then wrap them up really good freeze them so that any time someone came over. Bombshell was had a pie available because she was sweet like that yeah no pun intended seems to know what it's ended like that high but I'm saying sound effect on not. So she then passed away in 2004 and then we found the review several Bloomberg crumbles and the tire to in the freezer yeah. And we decides not thrown away. Fast forward several years. And we decided you know what why not when I tried the line and see how good she was exceeding his blueberry crumble so calm we did it. And it was delicious it tasted like it was fresh. Nobody got sick nobody gets sick we did this twice so we did it calm it was one Christmas Eve we did it and we dated a year after that with a never won. It was almost like gravel was there it was also almost a little a little weird. T seen this pie because those pies were made mom I think they're dated in 2000 so we had these. Are the last pie we had was in January 2016 so that was a sixteen year old. Pie that we had in it was a little weird to those like okay. What's happened in the past sixteen years you know in my life like this I was you know created but I was fine that was like two years ago that we ate that and I'm here. I mean I never got sick from it yeah you know. A little soldier. I just not felt the stall ticked it solid I don't know god judges the. Not servers that must not nostalgia save that weird nostalgia. It's nostalgia nostalgia nostalgia. Act. There's the thing my dad is actually. More on your side of this he he kind of subscribes to the school of keep saying. She ST yeah like you just lit up so much interest he's he's more like let's you know let's not thorough way. Five dollars worth of meat and a let's make this last my mom on the other hand. She's more careful about and I think that's where I learned that. And to me I wanna save money I don't wanna throw away money. But I think for me it's just like mine. Aversion to getting sick possibly it is what drives me TO you know that those times you got sick that it was actually from that meets. No and I don't even know that I've ever gotten sick from the neat hole and I mean like from old meat into. It just the thought of it like people talking about if it has like ass line he likes Jean on it don't need it that's so out click and wait until that happened you got to look. Given the sniff test in the look tests and it looks a little weird and smells a little weird and don't don't risk it but. You know mom I have so I have from that. My uncle is a priest this is little off topic in my outlook well my uncle's a priest okay. And she lives with other priests and eight cook in Paul does all that together an accent. But a lot of them are really picky eaters out so she's a strain of the flu is gonna go bad so when I go home and I visit. On Sunday as I'm like he's dumpster of food don't give me all the leftover priest food. So which is fantastic by the way because that's another way to save money out defended the friend that treat a priest who has a lot of food and then you'll you'll save on groceries. But now so I have I'm eating right now salmon that was cooked last Friday. I had met for dinner last night. My and this lesson a week and you didn't you didn't freeze. A freeze on Friday of revenue left my god pins. Like. I don't know what you're gonna develop didn't develop one of those exotic like parasites in year in your gut and Nicole. We all if I have it so it hasn't Kilby yet why I mean. Okay why so here's your that the crux of this debate right now yeah it's. Is it worth the risk. Of getting sick. No I'm sorry is saving money worth the risk of possibly getting sick from food that you don't throw away when maybe it's not still wreck how badly do you wanna save. That like two dollars and her doctor LA. I think we need to do is talk to someone who actually knows what they're talking about. On so we actually have definitely not Yale it's probably not many. I mean I don't I'm talking about when it comes to mild summit let bomb because we're not experts write so well so don't don't if you listen to this and then you decide to save. Fish per week and you get some weird lake Ebola or something and don't sue mean I don't know what I'm talking about medically OK now. So we need to talk to someone who questions of the talking about so we have Archie. From the Food Safety and Inspection Service at the USDA in Washington DC. So official calling men. And serious. Hey Archie hurry today. Yeah that's right yeah I thought Archie thank you again so much for for taking the time today to law to talk for this year as an expert. On champagne to spare change wort works shedding hearing now about we're trying to figure out. How much money are we wasting by throwing away our food you know when we leftovers. And as we're talking here we're kind of thinking. Well you know I'd I'd push it a little bit further than most people probably and which the bomb probably throws when your food a little bit too soon. So let me get expert opinion on how long how long this would really last you know. Well one of art we need to wanna start the ball being left over its lowest it's chickens are there. I'd but it chicken and have this is a confusing thing for people or at least cease cell by. I'll buy it that's really what it is again we really have to emphasize the word the word itself that's what this war. Dade County much older than actually they do you altered temperature like when he's sick. Typical for fresh all its particular one candidate. Just all I remember that applies to all these spoke about. Went well raw meat. Well all me deeply but it's what historic but it developed by. The recommended time lines so we would they want it today. We'll ground beef. Uncertain and don't wait on chickened out ticket is wanted to today. Once he's past the sell by date. I don't know from the very bottom and start diesel and had to clarify that took that day you buy a couple of days in the refrigerator. The same thing wanted to applies to. And being well anything ball may have weathered the bird. Artist foreground. And ground any kind of browned chicken and Turkey peace deal for a combination of some of these also went through these are more. Perishable on their mistakes. We're accustomed needs a strong. Braves or ever all the eyes of a red meat at all again we're talking about ropes. The five page that's quite a bit longer and remember you don't have to do it is all the has basically and use it. Last change won't displace them picnic have been wrong won't don't have as oil moves quality. It'll never spoil in the street now have a sport that he wow. It cannot borrow and. Nice yes that's that's that's one of the topics we've been talking about it you know how long can you freeze it because I know it's Evans is a big. Big fan of freezing thing rather I have I had. I have beef in my freezer right now from may. And out witty and I were talking about Bob my grandmother she actually armed before she passed away she made a whole bunch of ties. And we ate the most pies about sixteen years later they were in the freezer that long and they tasted delicious man. There are still. Where they were asked what I mean when you wrap them with bated that's prevent. Well loss yeah that happens I believe it I mean we say all the rap and that people sometimes. Was it why do I do rapid really well but there's space in a state he actually. Police say rapid nine's they don't keep it in the original rap like the spirit heretic and have people calling with Eric is from. A what don't have many years. You know whichever about a year follow all spirit in court ordered chicken but if the draft night like that is keeping an apple when them. If you did that's fine we're gonna wrap your own who you wanna credit and arts. There's wrapped in bubble wrap is a piece of paper. Tiger Saran wrap speculators. That's not what state is that temperatures was with relying on which is around zero at or near so when you wrapping them with waxed paper. Or rap with Saran wrap of sport is just protecting it from grind out these burners and extreme case what happens when you have extra long and the Weezer. That would make it dried up but that's not on saying it and cut that he's soft. The New Albany you know make sure it's not. In the refrigerator a couple of days. No more or chicken we have five days. Mistakes and you cut as he saw these in these aren't so it's CNET but it looks off color. Oh yeah so if Florida on let's say bought some some brought chicken today you're seeing basically I should eat that rock chick in our she could that much chicken. In one to two days' rest and. I would be denied to. Tomorrow or the staff which would be on. How I should I buy stuff I buy chicken sometimes from the store. On raw and and the sell by date Woolsey a week from now so I don't so I will keep it for a week and that's okay right. No you don't wanna do that the next that's exactly where people go a little wrong and some. Some but maybe they get away with it ended nothing happened but it surprised seven days product that's a very long time most people right away. As a result you aren't in a that it won't go that long leaders and a somehow they seem to know that they just belong we have people though that they'll call. And also have had a number on meet the different kinds of Romney is chicken or or Spain and forgot all about them that it's going to be a much longer. What about that one classic could get on the idea quote at no you don't want it either because you don't always smelled spoilage even if it's so many days it's no. You know or was valid. RG this actually this is actually great news is your kind of proving your point. You know Devean Evans will say that. You know that he'll do the sniff test like if you you know you see something monetary smiles aren't you taste it whenever. Whereas I'm much more conservative and I'm like no I'm strictly. Owing by let out a couple days and I'm here's what I'm wondering. I'm so RG I do I do the week roll on to much I will save my cooked meats let's add cooked chicken today I would have it before next week Thursday and my family does this I learned this from my parents. And to do as a whole life and I never got sick from it what it is. Is it possible to develop an immunity to these t.s potentially harmful bacteria you know under certain factors that can affect if someone gets sick is it genes maybe. I've been here many years I haven't seen this advisory board I mean that's probably spreading out there. We don't have anything like that that you know discussed it you're developing immunity but surely can't find things like it I liked it broke. What's that quote quietly science. Or. There's a lot of bodies amid talk about stuff like that but again I have to emphasize on relying on that because. Immune systems really Barry we have also the wide variety I mean they have at risk people out there believe we get people from August from. All generations all ages. You know children pregnant women older adults people with diabetes. HIV transplant recipients. Veto it and he you know these are at risk or you know compromise. Spending what are what radical armies but is diabetic. On HIV personally have to be very conservative. Although. You can look up these things on our web site despite at risk. And you'll see that they're all very very much something's gone very at all they wanted today expanded or well all been more days or less of. How do you determine these guidelines is it just that statistically. Most people would be harmed. I didn't get promised myself I would take all the credit or that would. Delegate there's a lot of studies that that called what the risk based on risk based meaning. How to bacteria grow they grow exponentially between man. I come up with a low blow rule meaning you have left overs the only cannot eat or five. Hours. That respect for the foot boat was boat. Was being used in professional it's just like restaurants at the areas. Was served to this boot code is also based on these risk analysis or risk assessments. So all of this comes from science that goes back. I don't know when exactly. All the lines it's history science is what's so he's developing. What could happen view if you had an does meets a little bit too long what are some of the comments and. Alone yet like that you know upset stomach. I realities feel like you're having nausea and they wanna quote about comment. Not but he may. Andy's gonna variant that he would beat me and also they can be chills fever can look like Lou. So. So am I like and Miley got food eating superhero I mean I don't I don't you know I don't I don't ever experienced in these things thankfully not really going to I don't tomorrow now ironically on. But yeah I mean I future sand but I don't. And then at counting gonna stop doing what I do because it works for me you know and save our money. The way remember that the portrait before they ruled it or want to do or. They shall all be your brow beat for beat the five. These are just recommended I'm wondering am I gonna get sick if there's eight on the third day. Whereas hooked it in as a parent if that's batted it and it is right it's you have to draw the line somewhere. Will the microwaves kill any of these bacteria by heated up really well. Not just the microwave. That is new punitive boot but it according to completely it will kill everything about it at all that night got rocked and so responsible they. You know white reform of course if there's again back the twenty minute while the every twenty minutes or so this is by deleting these. Fox's it's as natural they're gonna leave something behind as they grow but you're gonna kill them. But you know you're at the boxes he is built on not only be organism but for the. You know it's going to be probably really disturbing for my what so that is I IE I visit my parents quite a bit so we're in Rochester New York. I thought I don't know. Yet my parents and Buffalo's that's about it about an hour away and I go I visit them and they give me a lot of leftovers. On. And eighty mile leftovers that are probably RE BB. 34. Days old yeah. Are you more or well Grant Hill and then I'll drive an hour where it's not refrigerated cabinet in my fridge when I get home and have a couple days later. And dad yeah I'm and I think them superhero so. I I think you know I I have to say is that export in here. I probably did the same thing in my mom in place because in my mom and my single nation loading up the rest scores have been cooler as a remedy often get to. It is the right food safety into it's been cool as ice and only travel maybe an hour but only you know and a lot of ice and of course that should have called. Nobody gets sick either but thinking back. Possible and I have had about you know us on the out to them on mr. Alpert and we need to realize that I was eating them at a world much too much longer afraid. It's usual that it it's usually the people like me that worry about it constantly that ends up getting sick because I you know I was telling Evans that I. I've had a lot of stomach gigs of my life and that's part of the reason lambs and erotic about the steps up to the little boy did I don't want or you'll sickening more than I absolutely have to ironic is that that she's the one who's very cautious about this and I'm nine and she gets the stomach and I don't. I don't know but it having a party very mentally get people in the group that maybe you know compromise and everybody in the system. If Fernando mine is different now over the years something's bothering me more some spice to what bothers me and then used to. Just sent. Well I've got a stomach of steel I guess there op art Archie thank you so much for your time I really really do appreciate it wanna. They give you a little more and I don't work to find more information. Please do something called the food keeper it's one word booed beeper. Go to the you can either you can either global or search was safe in our UST AER. Or go to this website that I have more than bit and it's called food safety. Not. Is remembered as he awards. Would say gathered PW person course at www. Which state is and into sort spots on the top. Despite that word or just bite you weren't like configuration. Probably go on and on it and that's. You're next earth that's what we called -- let. My family which daddy you know and I live in these are these may have helped us. That's it that's awesome Archie thank you so much for your time paying you know I have a good I want. Hi Barbara again Archie might go lists from the USDA. There on given us an insight there that was great yeah well because he beat basically prove your point. Exactly. I'm sitting here I am beaming at the biggest smile on base because here's the deal. You can't get sick yeah you're risky like DeVon UK and yeah that. Here's the thing Whitney analysts say you were right. Also compromise itself a deal like I've got this like I feel like I've got these GE a superhero stomach Jian. You know you've proved that the odds are in your favor as they stand on your games. And what we're talking about food she drops the Mike so I guess I guess Whitney alone. Play it safe if you are prone to some like that in the conclusion here is if you're prone to sickness like that played safe. On what he said 340s. For creative artists on right. But to beef last longer than chicken he said you did say that and maybe join your beef on you know civil money. That's right and more info out for more information you can go to food safety dot gov but. Yes the bottom line here is how much money are you really saving. End is it worth the risks out for you. So so basically. If you're immune compromised is that the word. You're immune compromised your separate is that you amino I find out that I mean you know compromised what I am I am I an immune. Need immunity challenged. Community immune system Johns now so yet maybe it for me. I don't I don't need that extra like I can I add this up so I spend my family it we probably spent about 400 bucks. On meet you on deli meat only a year OK so if I'm throwing that away. Once if I'm buying that once a week you're not buying it twice week you're buying it once a week. That's exactly what response I usually spend I get arm but three dollars and thirty cents. On a week of deli meat as it. 171 dollars and sixty cents a span and Turkey deli meat a year. OK so say I'm spending double that because I'm buying it more frequently bright so is it worth it for me to save a 170 did you sack. I'd be sitting 170 if I kept it as long as you do to meet not worth that. I don't need I 170 bucks a year I'd rather be safe and have that in my pocket. I think deli meat is a little bit cheaper you could say more so with the chicken. You know right so here's your here's the here's the happy medium here freezer stuff. Right it can't just freeze at the front he says. Can save a lot of money by freezing it on a lesser an ax man like me you have that mutation where you can eat food that's years old and I find that you know. All the evans' way I guess it. You wanna save money. Preset that tell you that's how we use. Your spare change to pay for your Champaign I love it. I'm so next week and champagne for spare change we are. We're going to be exploring selling your body. Expects the work that something it's not sex work on there's a lot of ways that you can make money. Just must appear to have you can donate blood. Arms are you can sell blood. On you can sell sperm eggs and more sort of discuss the pros and the cons to doing that right like the idea of having a kid out there. You can lead on how exactly you can make a lot of money. But is it worth that an end which which of these things are worth that like maybe you'd feel okay about donating. You're blood plasma but not so much about donating meat donating in the right you know Brett to talk about that we also we're trying to figure out what that. But the title of that should be fox for bodily fluids maybe that's just makes me tell. At. I do it sperm salary I Apatow and I think I can't use that except that I. Dirty do my as we get paid for Nazis and good night. Speaking off blood stinking up blood limits for financial security including funds. I think we need to stop this at doing that would make people have that next week I'm champagne from spare change.