RBJ Fast Start: Amy Ventura

Tuesday, November 14th

Research Analyst for the Mayor's Office of Innovation and Strategic Initiatives


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What is your name and worry front on my name's Amy even terra I'm from problems down the art great outside of Syracuse not sir it's and you are what was your job title. My technical civil service job title is process improvement associate at. I know why I'm practically editor at what does that mean exactly. I'm down for those of us are like com. It's a lot of work to your title. Well in our office of innovation and I'm airports in the mayor's office and we do a lot of project development and research around. Creating programs and policies related to the anti poverty initiative that's happening national stir. As well as and creating. Programs and projects that help contribute to community wealth building. Sort of some other kinds of things and working on at least recently. Cherish so my main project is to keep her Rochester program provides 0% interest craftsman of loans to low income and numerous. And aspiring business owners and listen. On hand what are you go to school for what you sunny again so I went to see any general CO Anchorage in 2011. I studied sociology and I had mine in this crash so hot that bring you to where you are now what's the what's the path for us the path so after I graduated from Tennessee L I did a year of America harvest up to the university of Chester program. And I was place the city of Rochester is biscuits program. Which helps city used learned the basics of entrepreneur Al Islam and the action. And that kind of it started my career in six years of pave the way okay so it dead yet. On what is the hardest part about your job this this look at it tough to youth. How do you deal with those challenges and even more important question yeah I think you know one of the biggest things with working with any. Organization that has thousands of employees and people who worked towards all sorts of different prior v.s and scattered throughout a variety of buildings is. Is working on how you communicate with people he might see every day and also how you can how people who you might Nat. Normally work went. You can entice them to work with you then and I knew I'd sure the typical that there is like email yes. Yes well I mean for Armenia I love you know what I can go to meetings are training in which people from other. Departments will be in attendance is great way to meet people and just kind of you know see where there might be some opportunities that clip sure it's going to be tough because a lot of us who probably haven't an office that maybe. You know big offices like like forty people now and pray together since the I'll what was your first job ever. Talk about this very much but a week I wrote play college essay. On my first which. I actually worked that and it's an official job title as the Carney. I worry. I think near state fair and then. And as slick I was in like where and in a screen and an ulcer public consumption sort of stuck but at. This company Edwards Ford did that these sorts of carnival's all throughout the year to travel and I think I've got. It was a traveling carnivals. I didn't Alex stay overnight of these people but. You know I was traveling you know on the day to go do concessions and sometimes during games and stuff like that and I did that my first day was like July 4 2004 Alec gave up my holiday. I was like dust rant to start making money as like fourteen years old and it really held me. Frentzen and learn how to work with people were totally different for me a different background are you saying colonies are different. They don't know I mean as they have such a young person it was just such I don't know like an introduction to people who I never would have you know now while being at school. I can imagine this the store is that they haven't yet traveling around in a bullet in his carry a really nice people like oh yeah. Chicago like a stigma I feel like with Carney is exam room it's like a little bit uncomfortable the room I. There is it. Yes I was figuring that there is a stigma but I think just when people in any initially find people who are there they're working hard and maybe they're trying to overcome. Some of their circumstances of life and trying to build a better life lemon has just a way to do that. Ours and final question other than be frat parties. And what advice. Would you give to your younger self you have decides befriending every line it as much as possible. I would say honestly just. Put yourself out there say yes opportunities. I think I'd tried to do that but it was. Always kind of goes against my natural sort of interpreted this but. I mean now I try to do that try to be the first person to. The introduced of people and MM and rumored to be making introductions of people and I just like. You know sometimes you guys will be the person that you always it's not as scary as in I think it is in your ads exactly. Any major congratulations on being in the Rochester Fastenal fast circuit this week thank you so much.