Nutritionists Have Given Up on Us

Friday, November 10th

The latest advice a nutritionist is giving is proof that they've all finally given up on us. 


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We should never read the device. Nutritionists ever again after I read yesterday in such a bad mood Megan yeah. So at present I'm sorry when they take it away from you now French Fries. We know they're not good for us we are all very aware they're there not a healthy food illegal Fries literally yesterday which you and I both devoured a player tries to. One of my favorite foods that can make top three top three definitive list bestfoods ever French Fries are in there. And again yes we know other unhealthy there's been there's a study that cannot last year that. So that they're going to kill you when and there's a war on French politics can score but this into perspective what this nutritionist. In dietitian. Amelie fields that. She heard vice. It is when you go and do fast food it is healthier. To get to burger. Instead of burgers Fries. So desert by snacks and go to the drive through a meteor or rotunda yeah. All hold the all the Fries and just out. The next burger in that back for me why is it healthy. Because of how unhealthy Fries are for you but this goes to show how bad they are they a second burger. Isn't as bad as. This just shows this job I'll bet Fries are or you. This shows that nutritionists have just given up. Can't just say hey all void the cry and some don't have that you're all the reasons why because they have the cancerous chemicals because of all the trans fat. That's because they all its eagle if you keep eating that. They can't do that they know that we just want it to about any back. We're such I'd. Like truthful with assets. That we need that second part or to listen to the advice. You don't have a burger don't have Fries turns it didn't well I mean sent to birders pick up on the road he. Blame that my blood and water is more likely to happen. The fact that we're going to completely give up prized saddest thing in the world is replaced with something that's just like a relationship this is compromise. We are relationships with a nutritionist because there is no I was stubborn. We are high. I had the fact that countless studies but things murdering us. I don't matter. Okay this is a healthy does that help it isn't it. They need just a little bit of the tagged well I everything in moderation. Knew her personally but I'm. Ahead of John tune loved it I don't trust you a. Get out our would you eat that crap Jessica asked. Just tell you to get to burgers now because it's like here lights and TO. Coming. You're gonna cheat is she on that one woman not two and and that's okay we know it's gonna have. BJ keep it in the pants so well. One slides we realize your country full of people with a zero self control and so. So maybe that's little more seriously this is pathetic. Bar it's a conspiracy. I'll be Rideau Hall on yet your gut and foil hat. And someone unravel that went down on the bracket. Conspiracy that grading them. Burgers and our mark expects that franchise are they not sadly that is correct. Just it's nutritious Amelie field work for whom. You think it's being paid off. My big bird are all big record is I excitement.