Abandoning Your Friends for a New Relationship

Friday, November 10th

Corey James got called out by a friend for not being around because of his new relationship. 


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On TV excited Carter and Koreans on 98 PXY at chili's or start your morning be careful on those roadways and we are house spit out because of the ice and snow that we. So last night so we'll get that traffic update four in just a little bit like Valentin PX why the court James your friends and lately so now it's depressing. I don't know is there around. Is that a bad thing. I need to know apologize hypocrite here Magnum because. I've been enraged by people doing to this to me. On the other side of this when a friend of yours it's into a new relationship and then you disappear off the planet and suddenly just. Well. I'm sure noticed and I'm seated at right. I we're the the event for the are right. And Iran until buddy there. First words out of his mouth. And that's out now they work. A ritzy new low and they haven't. Because even your girlfriend are. I felt yeah now that guy who ditched your friends for our relationship even though you said you weren't good bedecked guy everyone says they're not gonna be that guy. We every went into the Erica it's completely normal behaviors are totally normal behavior we all get mad about it single. An hour we see our friends happy relationship and answer don't we hang out with our other miserable friends and I assets and it's basically S ad boys' club. Last this ad boys' club. Isn't now next. Now the sad boys' club as the mad boys club. See I put your right leg I I I tried excited and cut its of this and I tried to not do the Cecil tried to make plans with friends. But it when your relationship it gets hard because what is eliminated. Is the ability to do things on a whim. Yeah like my weekend's already schedule. Really yeah party everything it. That doesn't seem thought. I'd that's fine but I I kinda like get it's I know what's going on. But for example my buddy reached out to me last week and was like hey wanna go to the movies like out couple hours. Acknowledge your players are adding sorry and that was just on moron meet. More on that. To be more proactive by the planning to call. Horry you have never been a planner. I tell you that fronts. So can you blame and I am asking you the last minute just that and that's what you always did to the U student. Blame hands on apple here's a guy who ditched. He just as you're happy. Now you're happy now hired a wonderful. Loving. Two months in relation. My initial harassment against and you are now being called out for being different is happening now. Well Herat all of my friends of friends agree. That management out of my culprit is so much matter what I'll. Relationships is the day that I got 81 touch my friends when I get. A girlfriend I'm still hang out still in a boys' nights EE. We'll okay. I think it's cycles back Coca I think after a few months 67 months when net in the honeymoon phase is over you're gonna. Things happening your relationship needs to get sick each. Figured I wanna see your well it's facts just need love. Don't want your separate time wired dot. A little independent a pitcher that he is still be nice deep threats he can't be mad at Andy get you because you're gonna eat debt and when your girlfriend stride and you the wallet and not to get. It's more like 100 her the law and then I have no plans the actions and let's just line up I don't that's.