RBJ Fast Start: Jimmy Schaefer

Monday, October 30th

Financial Advisor for Northwestern Mutual


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What's your name and what time. My name's Jimmy Schaefer and I'm from originally buffalo and I'm in the market area Rochus. And what is your job title and the financial advisor. And you are at this week's fast start for the Rochester journal and I think you very much is very exciting to be. Rich school like setting. I went to school team John Fisher College comments that he was originally philosophy and religion. In business and and European financial planner in northwestern. How did you end up switching from lots of feet Els said I don't turn up and let you know it's at junior you have to heckler summons was forced the I mean there's it's a long story I got involved in business. All fiscal job as it were dry cleaners that buffalo in the presidency you know it is paying to directly she was impressed the best service the show offered job. Arctic and the ten million dollars capital open brand new bank. You know long search for the bank of folding isn't easy experience account used business thing Tryon it's equals that you use your Ambien a financial when your economy your consult. The use ethnic. I think that shows she you'd never know when your break is gonna be you never now no matter what job that one person you know or women eat cake. Completely change your life absolutely it's so important to be nice to have free line and it and that's my networking too is so huge I think it still. People don't realize how important it is to network. Mean how many people get jobs just because of Leino academy. Mega. I welcome. It's for somebody just starting out industry are white keys what they can Tim's people and make those connections to or their career. Ashley's I've been on the more for the Russia's young professionals and blessed that for the past four years here and it is an amazing amazing place every week or every month we get you know every week that are of events. A we've new faces show us there's plenty of people out there are trying to be connected so you'll if you come onto an event you're gonna meet other people were trying to do the same thing. I mean it is just a matter of of kind of biting the bullet and didn't. The warn us about your comfort zone commute for me after doing it for four years I still stumble and fumble and you know if you think there's awkward introductions but that's how would you do it may get past than. And you can build some really solid relationships. As Nicole looks entries this all the time on being an RIP receive the people who show but first and maybe their little awkward they're kind of not sure 'cause it's like sitting in the car. I don't know party or you don't really know anybody right exactly can you explain what it's like to see them X intrigues witnessed a lot kind of blossomed in to. In other social butterfly that made it can become its five minutes of fear turned into. A starting conversations you would. I've realized you have a connection and then it just expands from there and I that's how I start like I I didn't know anyone my first event like him I was scared. I was scared and I and I can the First Amendment didn't come back again for a couple months ago that was solely kind of traumatized by ebony do nicely come back and and I ended up. Inning of it and the board and I'm on the board percent. What traumatized you about it you're just it was you know he'd you're making those new introductions maybe didn't goes movies I was gonna being on such an idiot or whatever but you'd you. It's just a matter it's trial and area he said. I'm not be yourself vulnerable over here now now and our argument the health outcomes data networking like I. I almost don't like the term working that sounds very force it's like making new friends building relates yeah. Average in the. What was it that made you go for that second time it's obvious you word didn't have a great first run through your little traumatized by at what was the moment we're like. It is a shock. Think so was the year. I think you can I mean my business is all about introductions referrals by add to us and meet people as it's gonna survive and be successful. So I just did it and they got back out there and it was I'm so glad that I did. Hardest part about York and Juan what do you do you overcome challenges. The hardest thing is definitely the rejection you're gonna see a lot more you know not successes and you will successes that the success as you have will more than make up for and talk and you emotionally. The reward you get from that there's it's it's amazing when you can show someone. He's as well how we can turn things we can beat you make your financially so much better look at long term in the listened to users. The emotional behaviors that people will do anything to avoid talking about one need to talk of a I'm not vicious it's not a guy. He sure I get embarrassed by their financial situation. Sure in the old or find any excuse not to meet with news and I do have but it's really is powerful works I believe it truly believe in the in media in the worked so when it comes the rejection is like. When you're like I don't know assay in the dating world to doesn't get easier or more happened. I'd say yeah did I don't think it never gets easier but again if you get you get better yet been numb to it I think maybe is a better way to destruct for sure. And we read. I did connect to yeah. I know it's not about you most of the time I am telling about outside. Threat. And that's is trying to show the other person and just you're trying to help you know he's you can you learn how to handle its injury and it's shown what how noon in June 2 older brother and as our favorite question asked all of our era. Our BJ cas arts. First job ever first job as an ever then you guys who did. Weekly newspaper the metro. In buffalo new Yorker ran a bike around even in the snowy days that he went pure potential to drive was it to acknowledge. And all of us that's. That was my first job ever hollow tree I was. Fourteen and 1213 fourteen that so your forceful attack. Oh that will never forces wasn't it would only be daily news like I don't particularly on Saturday on the weekends. I had a friend who had a the Buffalo News paper on it was a deal with Helton now again it. My taught me. This. Having to add and having that Billy into. You know I. There it is if you wanted to buy something you enter in your own money to do it wasn't you know if I came from middle class them in Ireland is less a lot of opportunities that we never had a you know I was given a time you're responsible for our own. Purchases. Brian Feeney drive to be able to get which you know a lot of people think things are out of reach but if you drive up in the morning handled those papers it and that's that your word absolutely at last question of the day ice if you're looking back. I little James cheaper. Just are not a career in big business world may be still in college wondering if this is what he lets do what advice would you give to your fingers. More snow boarding.