RBJ Fast Start: John Coyle

Tuesday, September 5th

Vice President of  Seagate Alliance


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In studio right now John Coyle from seagate alliance in these latest Rochester business journal fast start for south course congratulations thank you for some. So can you explain your role of that what you do you. Place president health care for CD alliance. I oversee kind of daily operation of our growth and our existing business. Our members. Your. So absolutely you know when my first professional jobs as it stands community working in the health care market. That I dealt more with the interaction and you renting apartments and and and housing end of it and wanted to get mourned the operations and so I got more purchasing experience through a manufacturing organization. And was referred to see an alliance and when he thirteen. The current employee there. And it just really hit just some I really focused in on it kind of got those marketing and sales aspect as well as the health care and operations. Com. And an effective risen to vice president currently depressed about a silly aren't the fastener. Well would you consider yourself to be a success. Is success. You know I always took the the root of you know and what are your title was it really didn't matter who what there was entry level middle management lower and a VP level Al east and it took it to them. Customer service of your clients if your your your members perhaps do what you're doing. You know your success there regardless of an idol but one. You discuss all that manifests in two you know a promotion over time. Apps such as passionate about your results and aging out. So when did you think back to when you first got on to you. The job scene when he broke into that the corporate world first job ever humor as a teenager get you out buddy like part time jobs that out. Obsolete and move was a blast it was in Lancaster Pennsylvania was actually in bank winning. And sank in management captain person being clear college catering so lots you you work in forty hours over three days you know so it was a black I can't taste. And yeah 800 degree heat still doubtful that napkins and I still do now. Eight right. Police set the table home. I think so one of the big things of course that everyone's struggle with this trying to find that work life balance Heidi disconnect York Nassau I have. For children under the age of nine and my wife and a stays at home with us this it's. Go look it she is the same. She's a rock star she has agreed to fortune she's fortunate enough to stay home and reveal the ultimate focus on our kids so. It's it's really not an option for me in the past the kids have to come Ers of course the week we focus on them. And you really is you know. Our organization has a culture of you know you do we have to do to get the job done. On the we're really flexible when it comes to you know family thing you have to you have to make that priority first as always times you know right sectarian 1009 pick phone cause an idea after that just comes. With the position by the caps with four kids he got a half two mile know when it's time go home and and focus on and. You excited for my start back to school my wife is ecstatic yeah. Count down the daily news. Yeah there and ready to celebrate yeah. I'm going compromise the vice president of healthcare for seagate allies congratulations and thanks sitting down at a stage and we appreciate it thank you.