RBJ Fast Start: Jason Streb

Monday, August 21st

Jason is an architect for Clark Patterson Lee


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Welcome to the studio right now Jason strap architect for Clark Paterson Lee a no other Rochester business journal fast start. First off congratulations. Thank you in his data credit like his jump up on there yet as I can break and it might break but it does it's it's fine. There is. South year old. This is early out we're all. So can you kind of tells loaded about yourself and and what you do exactly. Yeah SI I'm an architect the clerk Paterson only been there almost eight years now agrees. Born in Rochester born and raised grip on the west side in Greece. When Syracuse University preschool. I'm can never thought I'd venture actor Rochester but I did. I'm NORAD have an Alley as it's been great am really happy and handed back what was it that right back. I'm mainly the recession when I graduated college. But I'm from here. My wife now she's from it is I am here. Moved back here. Like in panic job after I graduated got in with our Paterson only a couple months after that and am. Just loved it and really had no reason on I'm relieved and Iraq just as great place it's been nice to kind of re engage the community reconnect then. And so what are some of the bigger projects that you worked on people might you know see around the area here Rochus yes so I'm currently we have a couple big projects and that the firm is working on that I'm working and Tom one of the biggest ones is the Seneca park zoo. We're doing a huge renovation and addition extension to the part that which is going to be really cool is that I've heard great things so I ask that there's gonna be. And you cafe and restaurant there which is what I'm specifically working and some. Aside from on the animal exhibits turned a construction right now and Nan on the other really big one is the Rochester general hospital on the sands constellation. Center for critical care we. Aaron it's a huge project not just that I hospitable for the area and the largest projects in the north east south. That's been a really cool project really great work in them that you really big ones recently. I'm we've done renovations at G theater. This whole slew of the opera announced. Sell ice a year very successfully do you rise to the ranks pretty quickly. Windy you consider yourself to be a success. I don't know I consider myself a success although I guess doing you know kind of what I love and and I am working for great arm I find. That to be successful. And that's the best thing is analog to out sell. And Clark Edison he's been great with and of letting me do my round paying in really. Now am giving it rains I'm which is another great thing about Rochester too is that you know young professionals can really make a difference and get involved in Nam. So that I guess is the best partners you know knowing that you've been doing something you in year you're working for farm and supports. Apps in especially community that is young and piper and loves to see. See things transforming changing and just get better so now I know the senate are you gonna be an amazing project my it's all said and done do you social media when it comes here Atlanta for. In terms of promoting projects are getting ideas are collaborating. Definitely and I think it's kind of an. Newer thing to Phnom in terms of you know how we showcase projects are kind of how he. Engage people throughout the process of construction and then and you know showing up sketches are really designed so it's special and it's going to be a new thing is that that's out for. We know we used Twitter a lot from NC grams becoming bigger I think we're starting to dabble in like other things of Facebook's always a stapled down the anything you can kind of showcase your projects we have pictures and things like that has been huge but Twitter I think for us has been the most successful and we started a campaign. At the firm a couple of years ago that to say hey we cannot tackle this and a lot of people and all our office's work. So odd people that wanna do what you do there's I guess at a political and asked this question if you could go back and give advice to your younger self. What would that be. It's I take you did take to hear or. Totally I mean I think they're there might be a few different things I would do along the way you with architecture specifically it's a longer process right so it's. Test use those five year programs that was long and man yet to get licensed after EU. Graduate and start working and I took a little bit longer than most to do that suddenly the started on it earlier other than that. I am really engaged and active in things now and it wasn't. When I was younger and so I would have maybe told my Anders a pay get involved because that I see the benefits of it now and and what can can can do for you personally and appear communities I guess they would've just said hey now. Below the more active below the more engaged and. What's your favorite way to disconnect from pork out there. The stretch your free time it takes time. Yeah and it's tough to deal with this profession I've shown on your brain never shuts up now and enjoy my life. On the but I guess you know we do. We have a big family here. So just being with friends and Stanley. Kind of exploring the community and and getting now mom. You know we're big booties so going to different restaurants in and checking out you know the new stuff that's gone on around Rochester which there's been so much of recent so it's been great but yeah I mean I have never had a problem unplugging and accept myself but it is it as a tough thing to do on the profession and actors are you really truly able to complete disconnect because I mean you advise and there's Phillies everywhere just. Sure there's target out of there as well that's critical it really is that for some thing and then that's the only my wife always says you know my eyes I'm just constantly. We wandering in looking at earnings and commenting and you know going up to a building and like touching and she witchy things as some desire. I you know you gotta have this new appreciation historic Scotty digital like those like horse blinders like yeah. Lately you're saying is if you lovely you do it's never where idea yet you can't turn it off then which is stop and great at the same time to. So whatever they are questions asked and it's it's always very interesting on what was your first job ever personal ever. I didn't like them. Landscaping in and around high school which you know I think this priest typical and standard my purse like on the books let's say tight job as Adam. Perkins restaurant and which guy. I let her heart and I. But IA I was a host tonight and it waited tables and that was and high school and I think everybody should do who'd. Everyone should be certain as I've said I heard. And then I actually did I've waited tables when I graduated house for a few months but that was the first job Perkins and this is the challenge now we always one attired in something you learn from that first job you still use to this day. How to interact with people just being nice doesn't it errors today. And just you know be able to roll with everything that gets thrown your way in in the restaurant industry after Kennedy quick and adapt self. Yet that's that's on a scale that I think has continued and you could in terms of. Lay out two legs are a table like section for her to run the table and I get a. Yeah he and I are now. On them on the cafe and restaurant the zoo right now and you really poll premiere experience. Where you go in and what you've experienced and things that work and and yet having worked in restaurants and knowing how things kind of work cannot work in interacts a yes you definitely people from all experiences. Are small Jason congratulations and thanks tickets in time to come and talk with us thanks again thanks for having me.