RBJ Fast Start: Brady Fogle

Monday, June 26th

#TeamPXY got to talk to Brady Fogle the owner of Blackbird Designs, this week's Rochester Business Journal Fast Start winner!


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But looking at the studio right now in other Rochester business journal faster recipient got Brady pulled the owner of blackbird design welcome. Thanks and congratulations and thank you very much. This is. Yes absolutely I definitely don't think that we would. We would have much recognition. I'll really secret Korea says Nestle the press and yes the liar the owner again a black for design can you explain a little bit about the company. We are a full service for an in design companies we. Specialize in. Screamed turning around for early to a brewery week create sirens and manufacture sirens installed sirens. I'm also also print out promotional products. And I mean pretty much anything that you look and have printed we can. I think traffic carrots slogan any configure outlets service put it on you can get credit yes have to look at a us. So what did you start the company about two years ago Coca social relatively young yes absolutely we guided freelancing before that bomb under the same name but officially opened a business. As apron where house. Two years ago what made you make the decision to go from what you were doing says it's making the switch to making and a Malawi. Just. I don't know it's collecting natural course of things I works for another print shop end. I'd. Kinda wanted to do it on my own and it's like I could put it in a really good direction and I felt like I had all the tools necessary to do it. And when a result of to put it in the right direction. What were you nervous at all. I guess since. It's terrifying on their co owner Melissa. Ballistic inches corner but. I definitely when available to my daughter she is a one it was like to Stewart this. If it fails and fails and we figured out from their variety got to try to cause of Europe and would be to be met Yankee Ellison's your shares just have to jump in their India yes yes absolutely bombed them and so at least we started two years ago I'm really haven't looked back to its. Knocked on wood then. But he. Pretty positive Dolan and you guys are crushing of some us a major clients or even this only two years and yes absolutely we got really lucky with our lending some good Clarence and good repeat customers and I think that. The main thing is we maker customers happy. You know whether it be the first time around if something is messed up one of the times we we make them in the long run so. Our main focus is customers. Satisfaction. Hands. So people talk about another crime dollar tumble as the grind like said to land some of these clients eggs I'm sure they look to you first like Iowa and new business yeah well was what was your set was a pitch from what I was an. Our tender furlong and had a pretty good network of people who own you know way. Had good report away at. That might pitch essentially was just trying to sell it and it is the worst it's gonna happen is not going to be an avenue and continue to work readers withers in company but. You just try us let let us do one job. And if you have that one job and maybe you wanna do another jobless. Problem. You know we have we have a low overhead we have really competitive pricing as far as this field goes and I said we just really wanna maker customers happy. No matter what and I think that's what people really respond to. Say city were a bartender Steven in Rochester for or for life from here norm from a small town Dan's room. Is it it's funny whenever I see anyone from dance though they always feel like a high price ever hurt an iPad. Yeah. Because every time as a that are physically and organs really didn't talk about it noted in the end I grew up there and it barely know about it so yeah. Saying you growth there when did you move to Rochester the day after I graduated has our. Up here and I've been out here and a sense didn't waste any time no no new live in a small town mountains and there. On the set did you go to college strip this yep I want to NCC's first and then it took leave from college. You know went back. And then graduated from Roberts Wesleyan and 2000 well. Column for graphic design. But it was a real after area schools are right let's do this and ended and you Q&A job. He had threw in I'm sure I mention there's people that listen this does podcast now or trying to follow in your footsteps by giving advice for them. I'll hum. Don't on the advice I have is if if you feel late you can do it if you have like. The courage to step out into it to Stewart I mean. That's all the advice that I happen. I don't know I I got really lucky feel like we we did this we've had a lot of positive feedback we've been. And a positive climb. And I can't say that that would happen with every company arrived like you don't know mentally try yeah I think the biggest thing is just you know don't Dolan if it is it is ridiculous and authors and editors write things that you want to try. It's it's interesting because adopt the ways that the way that our brains are wired is that want to protect us from harm. So we do things that are stepping out of our comfort zone and we do things may not familiar with or that kind of scare us. Are automatic natural instinct is to wanna protect ourselves and don't do it and hey no don't do it. And it's it's interesting there is there's a theory called the 52. Rule as is the one really eats up off the floor listen to her I think this is the one where if you want to do something. You have to make that decision within five seconds or less because if you wait longer than that. Your brand and its soccer's a pot exactly. Right. So usually it's more for kind of impulse things uh oh. On other parts of their own socked him like you need to be up and on the layover and decided I'm gonna do that you sit there it was a five seconds you're gonna freeze and knock it. And to think about a thousand are children all the bad things that happened and it starts to express over the job market the way that it is. Let's say you have a job that's in owner's dream job whenever you have a job the last thing I'd do is leave that job to try something that you don't know is gonna. Is gonna succeed or fail. And then in the that's the story of heard from a lot of you got does have come there is part of a specially or business owners. A lot of guys had very successful jobs are doing fine but it is it is like something insider view that's like I wanna do my own thing. Yes absolutely I don't personally I don't like to do the same thing every every day and it really gets to me and I can't do it. That's why would this job we do so many different things one day word you know. Creating. And foot sighing live you know all of these bells and whistles in the next there and you know burning down I'm in hours and running room and it's just. From one extreme to the next and it's something different every day we have Clarence Thomas and they can you do denser and achieve this send us a picture from. Something they found online and figure out how. That's as students chairmanship. And do you feel today you just don't wanna Boston Philly got game. This I don't go listen and you. Well I have a boss Melissa is there and yeah. Hum but yet it did the other thing that is a real. Much different than what I was expecting Michael go into business for myself I have more free time and flexibility I have. Less free time and way less flexibility than ever had mullets are alive at all falls on youths you can't just leave your job and you article tomorrow going and do something that some deal to set up for me you know you usually do. The on top of everything every step. I do have to ask the weirdest requests you've gotten so far and we're gonna demand decline only to Bernie bridges and if you can. I. I really view and it really ever wondered where I don't yeah yeah I have not. I'm waiting for the week. So people on like if there were request ia and actually we printed a bunch of breasts. Squeeze balls it's I think it got our eyes and I've actually went to Mardi Gras they had on the yeah absolutely as for the best here Breast Cancer Awareness Month out I'm Gloria. Got to score warehouse was full of bunch. Hi there not getting every day is different media minute sit elitists. Talking to Brady fogel the odor of blackbird design so people wanting to hold the view that they would they get things they wanna get printed what's your contacted. You can email us at our info at blackbird ROC dot com. They can email me directly at radio at blackbird. Our proceed at a time. Or most of us are over 1053544473. Guys and social via that you are faced organs by producer and co. I will thanks they get some time and earlier you're busy Metz appreciate it best no problem yet thank you Joseph.