Dr. Fauci

Dr. Fauci Doughnuts on Sale in Upstate New York as He Talks Coronavirus With Steph C

This local bakery is making a top health official into a sweet treat.
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#TEAMPXY ON-DEMAND: Dr. Chris Donaghue

Dr. Chris joined us to talk about the significant mental health aspects of living in quarantine.
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United Way of Greater Rochester

#TEAMPXY ON-DEMAND: Jaime Saunders - President/CEO of The United Way of Greater Rochester

Find out what The United Way of Greater Rochester is doing to help our community...
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Home schooling

Should Parents Feel Obligated to Homeschool Their Quarantined Kids?

Should you be homeschooling your kids while schools are closed? One expert sure doesn't think so.
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Liquor store

CORONAVIRUS: Are Liquor Stores Considered Essential Businesses?

There's still some confusion over which businesses are deemed essential and which are not...
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spring breakers

Florida Senator Tells Spring Breakers to "Get Off the Beach," But Some Won't Listen

Coronavirus hasn't put a damper on spring break in Miami, and public officials aren't happy.
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How Long Will Americans Be Battling the Coronavirus?

Want to feel really bad about the coronavirus pandemic? Then get a load of what scientists have to say.
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Allendale Columbia School

#TEAMPXY ON-DEMAND: Mick Gee from Allendale Columbia School Talks "Distance Learning"

Listen for an indepth description of what "distance learning" is all about.
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Will Colleges & Universities Refund Tuition or Housing Costs After Sending Students Home?

Colleges and universities are sending students home--do they get refunds?
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CORONAVIRUS: Here's the List of Exempt Essential Jobs

Curious which jobs are considered exempt essential jobs?
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