Yale Dad Tipped Off Feds to College Bribery Scam to Gain Leniency in Fraud Case

March 17, 2019

The man who first tipped off federal authorities to the massive college admission scam that broke this week is a Yale dad who was trying to gain leniency for himself in another criminal case. L.A.-based financial exec Morrie Tobin was being questioned about a securities "pump-and-dump" scheme when he revealed that the head women’s soccer coach at Yale had sought a bribe in return for getting his daughter admitted to the Ivy League school. Tobin even wore a wire to an April 2018 meeting with coach Rudy Meredith, where she said she could falsely designate his daughter as a soccer recruit for $450,000. Tobin--who's a Yale grad himself--wasn’t charged by the FBI in its "Operation Varsity Blues," but he's still awaiting sentencing over his securities fraud case after signing a plea deal in November.