What's the Best Type of Hot Sauce?

January 30, 2019

On Tuesday, the website Co-Op asked its readers to name their favorites brands of hot sauce. Below are several responses, along with testaments to their superiority:

Tapatio. It adds hotness without killing the flavor, and is $4 for 32 ounces. I know there are hotter and more specialized, but the price and balance makes Tapatio the best everyday hot sauce.

Sriracha. It’s thicker, spicier, made from peppers and not just a vinegar/salt mix like a lot of others. If I could only have one hot sauce, this would be it.

Los Calientes from First We Feast. Applewood-smoked with a slight bit of heat and a great tasting sauce.

El Yucateco’s Habanero hot sauce. It is actually “hot,” unlike a lot of others, has a great consistency (i.e., not too watery), and is easy to find in nearly every grocery store.

El Perro Afortunado Taco Sauce by Lucky Dog Hot Sauce. It’s got a medium level hotness from ghost peppers with a great acidity from fire-roasted tomatoes, apple cider vinegar and lime juice that cuts through the heaviness and fat of whatever you’re putting it on. It seriously goes great on anything.

Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce. It has great spice while also having a deeper flavor than most hot sauces, which comes from the use of carrots and onion.

Chelsea Fire. It’s got a smoky, tangy taste and a heat that really lingers.

Cholula Hot Sauce. Its not as hot as I would consider a “Hot Sauce” (its only 1,000 Scoville units) but it is a delicious addition to tacos and is my favorite quick way to improve otherwise bland food.

The fact that Frank's Red Hot sauce didn't make this list is an absolute travesty.