Twitter Freaks Out as Billie Eilish's Debut Album Finally Drops

March 29, 2019

Billie Eilish's debut album is finally here, and not surprisingly, fans of the teenage pop sensation are freaking out. Here are just a few of the funniest and most heartfelt reactions fans have tweeted in response to the release of When We All Go To Sleep, Where Do We Go?:

"Every song on Billie Eilish's new album make you feel like a bad b**ch or cry your eyes out, there's no in between."

"I’ve been listening to 'I Love You' by Billie Eilish now for the nth time and I’m still SOBBING shjsbjajajaj."

"I didn't know who Billie Eilish was until tonight and wow...this album broke me."

"Billie’s album got me feeling like I can conquer the world and seduce any man in minutes to crying about a man that broke my heart six months ago, I can’t deal with this emotional rollercoaster."

"Those who are saying that they can’t listen to Billie’s new songs because they’re 'too dark' or 'too creepy,' wow you a scary a** bitch and you’re missing out. Glad I can’t relate!"