A Third R. Kelly Sex Tape Has Been Discovered

March 10, 2019

Another "sex tape" has been recovered and given to New York City authorities. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents several of Kelly's victims, held a press conference on Sunday with her new client, Gary Dennis, the man who says he discovered the tape. Dennis claims that while going through an old VHS collection he stumbled on to what he thought was an R. Kelly concert tape. When he watched it instead he saw a man, who he claims to be Kelly, sexually abusing girls. The man who has no connection to Kelly also claims to be unaware of how he obtained the tape. While he did not go into detail, he did say the tape appears to have been made in the 1990's and that the girls looks "underage" and "under developed". Any charges stemming from the new tape would be in addition to the already 10 charges Kelly is facing from two tapes that were obtained by Chicago law enforcement.