"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Gas Station Opens as Restaurant, Overnight Destination

February 26, 2019

Horror movie fans, rejoice! Not only can you visit the seedy gas station from the 1974 classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre--you can also eat barbecue there (at a restaurant dubbed The Gas Station) and stay overnight in one of four cabins on the property. Those aren't the only original touches at the Austin, Texas-area attraction, manager Ben Hughes shares with ABC affiliate KVUE. "We actually have a gas pump that every once in a while we take out...the Coca-Cola machine that's exactly the one from the movie, we take out," he says. In fact, you'll know you're there by a 1974 replica van parked out front. "If you're a fan of the movie to begin with," Hughes says, "then coming out and actually getting to be in a place where it was, it really heightens it for you."