Woodstock 50 Threatens Lawsuit Against "Woodstock Experience" in North Carolina

July 16, 2019
Woodstock Music Festival co-producer Michael Lang attends a celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Woodstock 50 organizer Michael Lang is embroiled in yet another legal dispute. Page Six reports that he's now threatened a trademark lawsuit against another would-be festival organizer who wants to mount a two-weekend "Woodstock Experience" next month in North Carolina. Kenn Moutenot recently received a cease-and-desist letter from Lang's lawyers warning him that his festival would "cause consumers...to mistakenly believe that [Lang’s> Woodstock Ventures has approved, or is connected with, your activities, and will dilute the strength of the Woodstock name and mark.” Moutenot has since changed his event's name to WE2019 and has reportedly booked such original Woodstock performers as Jefferson Starship, Canned Heat, Ten Years After and Melanie. WE2019 will take place Aug. 9-11 and Aug. 16-18 at Saloon Studios in West Jefferson, North Carolina. Meanwhile, Lang's event, supposedly taking place this summer in upstate New York, still doesn't have a venue.