Woman Goes Viral After Mother-in-Law Wore a Wedding Dress to Her Wedding

June 21, 2019

Ljupco iStock / Getty Images Plus

Amy Pennza's going viral after her "#WeddingFail" story made it onto Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. "My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one, Twitter," Pennza tweeted this week--along with a photo that shows her and her groom's mom in nearly matching gowns--after Fallon sought "#WeddingFail" stories from fans. But back on Twitter, Pennza filled in details of her story, which she insists has a happy ending. "I'm happy to report the wedding unfolded without bloodshed, or anyone being shoved into the champagne fountain," the mom of four tweeted. "My mother-in-law is extremely frugal. She grew up in extreme poverty...So when she spotted The Dress at an incredible bargain, she couldn’t turn it down. If you ask her now, she says she feels terrible about it. Although she told me, ‘I think I’ve still got it. We should raffle it off.’”