Woman Gets 20 Years After Using Machete To Force Ex Into Sex

November 1, 2019



20-year-old Samantha Mears was sentenced to 20-years in prison Tuesday by a Montana judge, after she was found guilty of lying in wait for her ex-boyfriend with a machete, then forcing him to have sex with her until he no longer could. In court documents posted by the Smoking Gun, police say Mears “ordered (the victim) to get on the bed and remove his clothes" and he “complied with her demands.” Mears reportedly then had sex with the man, only stopping once the man was no longer physically able to continue. After the assault, Mears then urinated on the man's bed, causing $600 in damage. She claims the sex was consensual. Mears was initially found mentally unfit to stand trial and sent to a state mental hospital, but the judge eventually ruled she was competent enough to stand trial.