Wisconsin City Considers Ending Ban on Throwing Snowballs

January 2, 2020
snow ball fight

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City Council President Lisa Rasmussen of Wasua, Wisconsin, said that the city is considering fixing a 1962 ban on throwing projectiles that placed snowballs in the same category as rocks, the AP reports. Rasmussen says negative attention about the little-used ordinance has made her consider a revision. “Maybe it’s worth giving a look to see if that list could be amended, to mitigate that odd news story that keeps coming up like a bad penny,” she said. Despite the ordinance, snowball fights still happen in the wintry city, and local police even posted a video of officers engaged in one. “A fun snowball fight is a fun snowball fight,” Deputy Chief Matt Barnes says in the video, “and that’s not something (for which) we enforce this ordinance.” Barnes also said the ordinance has only been used to write about 10 tickets in the last 15 years.