Two UR Medicine Urgent Care Locations Close

March 25, 2020

    Due to the COVID-19, two suburban urgent care centers will be closing temporarily so staff can be shifted to different sites including urgent care centers and emergency department sites to help with the pandemic.

    The two sites that will be closed, starting on Wednesday, March 25th, will be Spencerport and Perinton.

    Closings also affect any outpatient imaging services at those locations as well.

    The centers that remain open are located in Greece, Henrietta Penfield and Pittsford.

    Anyone with questions about COVID-19 can click HERE or call 1-888-928-0011 for more information.

    Patients with COVID-19-related concerns are reminded to call their health care provider, the support line number, or view the web page for guidance before visiting a provider's office, an urgent care center, or emergency room.