Trump Says He Will Decide When to Relax Social-Distancing Measures, Not Governors

April 14, 2020

On Monday, President Trump tweeted that it is he, and not state governors, who will determine when the U.S. economy will reopen and social-distancing guidelines will be relaxed. "[Some are> saying that it is the governors' decision to open up the states, not that of the President of the United States and the federal government," Trump wrote. "Let it be fully understood that this is incorrect...It is the decision of the President, and for many good reasons. With that being said, the Administration and I are working closely with the governors, and this will continue. A decision by me, in conjunction with the governors and input from others, will be made shortly!” Last month, Trump established guidelines for Americans to remain home whenever possible and physically distant from each other through the end of April. But the AP notes that his guidelines have little force when compared to regulations put in place by governors and local leaders, which carry fines and other penalties and extend to early summer in some places.