The Best & Worst Frozen Pizzas to Eat While You're Stuck at Home

May 4, 2020

There's never been a better time to have a stack of frozen pizzas in your freezer, so Eater's food critics decided to rank the very best and worst iced pies that people can munch on while they're stuck at home. The two best and worst are listed below; click on the link for a more comprehensive analysis:


  1. Roberta’s margherita (9.8 ounces, $12.99). This is the king of frozen pizza, a near perfect recreation of a classic Neapolitan pie. The crust exhibits gorgeous leoparding, a sign it was charred in a wood-fired oven before being placed in cryostasis.
  2. Newman’s Own four-cheese pizza (16 ounces, $8.99). The only pie that exactly represents a form of pizza that exists in the real world, it is a near perfect evocation of the bar pie available at drinking spots all over the country--including Lee’s Tavern in Staten Island. The crust is really a cracker, the better to hold a slice in one hand while juggling a beer in the other.


  1. DiGiorno rising crust pepperoni (27.5 ounces $7.99). The sauce has no flavor. The bread is too bready. The mozz is indistinct. And the bottom is weirdly sandy. This is bad pizza.
  2. Udi's Gluten Free margherita (10 ounces, $9.99). This pizza tries too hard. In addition to a tomato mush, it also sports tiny cubes of tomato on top, and as an adjunct to the usual white pizza cheese, there are little balls of what looks like fresh mozzarella on top of that. Sadly, the balls have the consistency of rubber bands and don’t melt.