"The Bachelor" Finale, Night 1: Peter's Mom Makes Her Choice, 1 Finalist Leaves

March 10, 2020

Pankova iStock / Getty Images Plus


On Monday night's The Bachelor, the first night of the season finale found Peter getting closer to choosing the right woman to propose to. He met with his family, telling them about Madison's ultimatum, which didn't go over well. Luckily, they met Hannah Ann first. Everyone loved her. Before Peter's family could meet Madison, the pair rehashed the ultimatum again, with Madison finally telling Peter she loved him. She then met his family, and they weren't sure that Madison and Peter were on the same page. Madison admitted to the camera that she too wasn't sure. Peter's mom Barbara begged Peter to choose Hannah Ann, calling her a "gem on earth" and that "God put her there for you." "Don't let her go! Bring her home to us!" she sobbed. Later, at a picnic, Madison told Peter she decided to leave because, "I don't think we can give each other what we need." Peter was visibly upset, but went out with Hannah the next day. Hannah Ann told him that it was hard for her to be so sure about her love for him when he's torn between two people. Peter didn't tell her that Madison already left. Chris Harrison warned the audience, “if you think you know how this is all going to end, get ready to have your mind blown. Peter doesn’t even know how this is going to end.” The last episode of the season airs Tuesday night.