"The Bachelor" Episode 9 Recap: Peter & The Final 3 Go Down Under

February 25, 2020

Pankova iStock / Getty Images Plus


On Monday night's The Bachelor, Peter and the final three women went to Australia for "fantasy suites" week. However, before departing, Madison told Peter she's a virgin and would be upset to find out he'd spent the night with the other women. When they arrived Down Under, the three women were surprised to learn that they’re all in the same room, which is unusual for the show. Hannah Ann was up first for a jet-skiing date with Peter. While they kissed on the beach, Peter said, "If this is what love is, it's true love, because I'm feeling it.” Later that night, Hannah Ann agreed to time in a fantasy suite for the night, saying that with Peter, "I see him being my future husband." While they were seen kissing, it’s unclear how far their romantic evening went. Next up was Victoria F. Their date went more smoothly than much of their past time together, concluding with her telling the camera, “I love him so much. I put him through so much.” They went to a fantasy suite and the next morning, they were seen in bed together. Madison was visibly bothered when Victoria returned to the girls’ room, but she went on a date with Peter next. She finally admitted she’s in love with him, but later that night, she discovered that he likely slept with one or both of the other women. She got up from their table and they both cried silently. Peter then followed her, begging her not to walk away. “I know that I hurt you and I'm sorry for that, but please don't walk away from this,” he said. But she walked away anyway, leaving their future unclear.