"The Bachelor" Episode 4 Recap: The Past Comes Back

January 28, 2020

Pankova iStock / Getty Images Plus


On this week's The Bachelor, the past came back to haunt Peter and some of the women. Victoria F. got a one-on-one date with Peter, and they had a great time as the only people at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Cleveland, Ohio. That is, until they were treated to a private concert--starring Victoria F's ex-boyfriend, country singer Chase Rice. Victoria held off telling Peter about that detail, instead kissing him and dancing, until later that night, when she ran off in tears because she thought she ruined things between them. Peter soothed her and said, "Victoria, will you not run in a corner this time, and accept this rose?" She accepted. After an exciting tied game of football in the Bachelor Bowl in which the girls avoided going home, Victoria P., who had sat out the game, stole time with Peter first at the cocktail party, angering Shiann. "Do I have to be a sh**ty person to get attention?" she asked. All of a sudden, Alayah, who was let go last week, reappeared. "Everyone is shooketh to the core," Tammy said. After a talk with Alayah, Peter asked her to come back to the show, shocking the other girls. Alayah knew people weren't happy and just said, "it's game time, b**ches!" At the end of the show, Peter seemed to realize how distressed he was making everyone with his choices. “I’m messing up right now. It’s backfiring like no other, just right in my face.”