The 7 Most Common Coronavirus Dating Questions, According to a Love Coach

May 4, 2020

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With everyone in quarantine, meeting someone new is now harder--and more weird--than ever before. Even those who already have partners must practice new coping methods, either to stay sane while stuck in the same house, or to feel together if they are spending quarantine apart. Here are the seven most common dating questions love coach Damona Hoffman told The Los Angeles Times she most commonly hears:

1. What is the best way to move things to the next level since we can’t meet in person? Plan a video chat between the two of you and prepare as if it were a real date. Plan an activity to partake in, and keep it short. 

2. I miss my ex. Should I reach out to them? You're probably just lonely. Also, you have to consider how you'd feel if they didn't write or respond to your message. 

3. My partner is driving me crazy. Should I say something or bite my tongue? Quarantining in close quarters can make both of you more irritable to the other's actions. If you don't say something, you could end up resenting them and becoming more frustrated. Find a way to either avoid the thing they do that annoys you or to talk calmly with them about it. 

4. Is it OK to break up with somebody during the quarantine? Don't stay in a relationship just to put off the inevitable. If a breakup is necessary, try to do it in the most authentic and direct way available. In other words, don't send them a text. 

5. How can I support my first responder partner right now when we barely see each other? Let them sleep in and order them Postmates. Also, just ask them what they need and how you can help. 

6. Is it normal to start to feel attached to someone you've only met virtually? Meeting someone in real life is a lot different from knowing them virtually. In other words, don't trust your emotions until you can finally interact in-person. Until then, try more phone calls or video chat dates. 

7. What advice do you have for married couples who are stuck in quarantine together? Each of you should have your own personal spaces and activities that soothe you. Make sure to schedule together time, too, so you still feel connected.