The 15 Most Annoying Quarantine Internet Trends

April 16, 2020

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Everyone's stuck at home, which means a whole lot of time spent online. To this end, Jezebel just came up with a list of the most annoying internet trends of the quarantine era. Here are 15 of them; click on the link for more:

  1. Screenshots of Zoom Calls
  2. Carole Baskin Truthers
  3. "Love Doing Life With This One" Anniversary Posts
  4. Actual Animals Reclaiming Empty Towns
  5. Live DJ Sets on Instagram
  6. Ina Garten's Giant Cocktails
  7. Sourdough Starters
  8. Personal Essays
  9. Homemade Banana Bread
  10. Boring People Doing Instagram Lives for Their 20 Followers
  11. All of the Late-Night Hosts
  12. Tiger King Memes
  13. "Don't Rush" Transformation Challenge
  14. Never-ending Loops of People Doing the Savage Challenge
  15. Twitter Threads That Start With "Buckle Up"