Texas Governor Blames Young People for State’s Coronavirus Spike

June 19, 2020
Texas Gov



Texas Governor Greg Abbott says young Texans are to blame for the state’s new coronavirus spike, USA Today reports. In a local TV interview, Abbott says increased COVID-19 cases in the state are due to twentysomethings partying over Memorial Day weekend. “What we’re seeing there is that people of that age group, they’re not following these appropriate best health and safety practices,” he said. “They’re not wearing face masks, they’re not sanitizing their hands, they’re not maintaining the safe distancing practices. And as a result, they are contracting COVID-19 at a record pace in the state of Texas.” Critics were quick to jump on Abbott for not taking any responsibility. Julián Castro, who ran for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination and is from Texas, wrote, "Greg Abbott believes in 'individual responsibility' for everyone except when it’s his turn to take some. You opened up bars too early, blocked cities from requiring face masks, and failed to put enough testing and contact tracing in place. Poor leadership." On Tuesday, Texas reported a single-day high of 2,622 new coronavirus cases.