The #TeamPXY "Hey, I Love You" Challenge

February 21, 2019

This morning on #TeamPXY Corey and Whitney were dabating if guys and girls could truly be completely plutonic friends. Several texters said that someone in the friendship ALWAYS wants more. While Corey didn't completely agree, he did say that he believes with every now plutonic friendship there was at least an instance of one of the people wanting more. He said it's possible to move past it and be JUST friends, but not right from the start. Also, in many cases the person who wants more just remains silent and doesn't share their true feelings. Whitney completely disagreed and cited some of her own guy friends as examples. As a challenge to Whitney, Corey told her she should text some of her guy friends, tell them she's been in love with them and use their response for a social experiement. Here are the results...

Do you accept the #TeamPXY "Hey, I Love You" challenge? Text your plutonic friend that you've secretly loved them and tweet us a screenshot of their response @98PXYRochester