Teacher Fired Over Topless Selfie to Sue School District for Gender Discrimination

April 4, 2019

Kritchanut iStock / Getty Images Plus

Back in January, Lauren Miranda, a 25-year-old teacher at Bellport Middle School on Long Island, got called into the principal's office. There, in a meeting that included mostly men, she was presented with an image of a topless selfie she'd taken that a student had somehow obtained. Miranda was then placed on administrative leave and ultimately fired last week. On Monday, she said she planned to sue the South Country Central School District for gender discrimination, seeking $3 million and her job back. Miranda admits to sending the selfie to a colleague that she was romantically involved with awhile back, but has no idea how it made its way into the student's hands. In her suit, she claims that a male teacher would not have been fired for sharing a photo with his shirt off, and notes that several of her male teachers have indeed posted topless selfies of themselves with impunity. “This has been the lowest point of my life,” Miranda told The New York Times. “I’ve never felt so small, so defeated, and it wasn’t my fault.”