Taco Bell Recommends Serving Pureed Taco Soup at Friendsgiving This Year

November 15, 2019

Drop the chalupa...into a big pot of soup! That's basically what Taco Bell is telling fans to do after unveiling a "Friendsgiving" sample menu on their blog this week. "Every November at Taco Bell headquarters, we host a Friendsgiving dinner...but we don’t serve our guests your typical, traditional Thanksgiving meal," the company explains on the site. "We add a Taco Bell twist to every dish." This year, that means serving "Rolled Chicken Tacos Biaque" by purchasing a rolled chicken taco party six-pack and dumping it into a boiling pot of seasoned chicken or vegetable broth. Then all you have to do is puree that gloop with some heavy cream and voila! As Vice notes, what you've got yourself is a nice big bowl of "hot taco smoothie." Enjoy!