Siblings Got Married on the Same Day to Split the Cost of the Wedding

August 29, 2019

negoworks iStock / Getty Images Plus


We've got an interesting story here about a brother and sister getting married last weekend. And before you freak out, no NOT to each other. That would take this story in a very different direction. 31-year-old Andrea Walker from Staffordshire, England and her 28-year-old brother Christopher Brennan came up with a plan to get married to their respective significant others at the same time. They figured it would help them save on the cost of the wedding and it would cut down on travel for their relatives and mutual friends who'd only have to go to one wedding, not two. So on Sunday, they had more than 100 guests come to see Andrea get married first, and Christopher get married 30 minutes later. Andrea and Chris estimated they saved about $6,000 each by combining the wedding.