Ruby Rose’s "Batwoman" Is TV’s 1st Out LGBTQ Superhero

August 5, 2019
Ruby Rose at Warner Bros. Pictures Los Angeles Premiere Of 'The Meg' held at TLC Chinese Theatre on August 06, 2018 in Hollywood, CA, USA


Actress Ruby Rose hopes her role as the first gay TV superhero will let viewers know they are not alone, USA Today reports. Rose, who came out as a 12-year-old in Australia, said she's well aware of the abuse kids can take growing up when they are perceived as being different. Rose, who identifies as gender fluid, and also says she's bi-polar, believes that while she's seeing greater representation of different groups on TV, there are still many obstacles for kids. “Do I think if I were in high school right now, life would be easier? No. Social media is terrifying," she told a group of TV critics Sunday. In Batwoman, Rose plays a Jewish lesbian crime-fighter--and hopes that representation will inspire kids. "That’s why I think the show is important," she added. "We want everyone to watch this, but especially young people to watch this and feel like they can identify and relate to people they’re watching on the screen.”