Rita Wilson Says Chloroquine Gave Her & Tom Hanks "Extreme" Side Effects

April 15, 2020

© Dan MacMedan


Rita Wilson told Gayle King on CBS This Morning Tuesday that she and husband Tom Hanks were treated with chloroquine after being sickened by the coronavirus, and that the medication gave her "extreme side effects,” The New York Post reports. Wilson said the treatment made her “completely nauseous,” weak and gave her vertigo. It's also unclear if the drug, often used to treat malaria patients, actually helped her get better. “We have to be very considerate about this drug,” Wilson says. “We don’t know if it’s safe in this case.” Some doctors have said chloroquine is effective against the virus, but in some cases, it may treat the disease only to prove independently lethal, including a small Brazilian study that was called off after patients experienced potentially fatal heart issues while taking it.