Rihanna Makes Drunk Rando Who Stole an Oyster From Her Table Buy Her Another $330 Platter

April 1, 2019
Rihanna attends the premiere of "Ocean's 8" at Alice Tully Hall in New York.

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A drunk, "shellfish" rando who was partying at London's hottest club last week tried to swipe an oyster off Rihanna's seafood platter--and boy, did that make her "crabby!" "Rihanna went all out, ordering platters and platters of oysters for her entourage. One lad, who was drunk, bowled over to her table and pinched one, thinking it would be hilarious," an eyewitness at Chiltern Firehouse tells The Sun. “He passed it over to one of his mates, who was oblivious it came from Rihanna’s table. After downing it, they carried on drinking only to be given a hefty telling-off from one of Rihanna’s entourage, who demanded they pay for a fresh platter because he had ruined theirs. The bloke who ate the oyster had no choice but to get his credit card out." The new seafood spread cost the guy a whopping $330--which is a lotta "clams!"