Reporter Who Found Viral College Football Fan's Racist Tweets Leaves Job Over His Own Racist Tweets

September 30, 2019

zakokor iStock / Getty Images Plus


The reporter who uncovered racist tweets written years ago by Iowa State football fan Carson King is out of a job after his own racist tweets were uncovered. Earlier this month, King went viral holding up a sign asking for beer money on ESPN's College GameDay. Last Tuesday, King apologized after Des Moines Register reporter Aaron Calvin found that he'd posted two racist tweets back in 2012. And now, Calvin no longer works at the newspaper after he was outed for posting several racist, sexist and homophobic tweets of his own between 2010-2013. "That reporter is no longer with the Register," executive editor Carol Hunter wrote in the paper. "We took appropriate action because there is nothing more important in journalism than having readers' trust." CNN notes that it's unclear if Calvin resigned or was fired. Meanwhile, the 27-year-old says he was 18 when he sent the offending tweets, which used a racist slur for black people, made light of abusing women and mocked same-sex marriage. "I did apologize for my tweets and I regret them and wouldn't publish them now," he adds. Calvin also told BuzzFeed this past weekend, "This event basically set my entire life on fire."