R. Kelly's Ex Says He Got Aaliyah Pregnant at 15 & Slept With Singer's Mom

March 13, 2019

Lisa Van Allen, one of R. Kelly's accusers, claims that the singer married Aaliyah when she was just 15 because he got her pregnant. Allen also claims that while grooming Aaliyah, he was also sleeping with her mom. "The reason they got married was because they felt like if he was married to her and he said he thought she was 18 then he wouldn't be charged if someone found out she was pregnant, until they were able to get an abortion and get it annulled," she recently revealed on Vlad TV. Allen also noted, "Her [Aaliyah's> mother actually was sexually attracted to him as well. He said when Aaliyah went to sleep, he would go in the living room and him and her would do sexual acts on the couch while Aaliyah was sleeping in the bedroom." Aaliyah's mother Dianne Houghton previously slammed claims that Kelly slept with the late singer when she was underage.