R. Kelly Accuser Lanita Carter Speaks Publicly for 1st Time

March 28, 2019

R. Kelly’s former hair stylist Lanita Carter has detailed the abuse she experienced while working for the R&B singer. "I've been carryin' this since 2003,” Carter says through tears in interview with CBS This Morning airing Thursday. “I have had to sit on a public bus and watch public conversation: 'Did you hear about what they did with R. Kelly? They need to leave that man alone.' And I can't stand up for myself." She goes on to explain
that she decided to go public with her story because she didn’t “want to be this victim.” "Today--today I say: no more,” Carter continues. “You can talk about me. You can not like what I'm sayin' about your favorite singer. But this is my life…This is my truth. This is what I have.” Among other things, Carter claims that Kelly tried to force her to perform oral sex on him and masturbated and spit in her face. According to prosecutors, Carter submitted her shirt to the authorities for DNA testing, and the semen sample on the shirt was a match to Kelly's DNA profile.