President Trump Tweets Angry Rant at the Wrong Megan Rapinoe

June 27, 2019

© Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, soccer star and prominent national-anthem protester Megan Rapinoe told a reporter she's "not going to the f**king White House" if the U.S. Women's National Team wins the World Cup, adding that they probably won't be invited. On Wednesday, President Trump responded by tweeting an angry rant--at the wrong Megan Rapinoe. Insisting he'll now be inviting Rapinoe and her teammates to the White House, "win or lose," Trump tweeted, "Megan should win first before she talks" and "Megan should never disrespect our country, the White House or the flag." He also worked in a weird tangent about the NBA not wanting to call owners "owners," somehow tying that into black unemployment and poverty levels. After @MeganRapino informed Trump that she agreed with the other Megan Rapinoe and he'd tweeted at the wrong account, the president sent the same series of tweets to the right Rapinoe (@mPinoe).